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Carnival of Cities Travels Around the Globe

Carnival Clown

It’s been a long time since I joined an edition of the Carnival of Cities. I sent in my post about the No Rail petition, hoping to get some feedback from other cities about the impact that rail transit has had on their cities.

There hasn’t been any feedback as of yet but it was interesting to see how the Carnival of Cities has spread its wings over time. It has become almost a Carnival of Travel! It’s certainly worth a read to see what’s happening in other places to see if you want to travel there!

You can pick up a lot of information about all kinds of things across all kinds of country borders!

Here’s a small taste of what they’ve got going:

Then Roaming Tales takes us flying around some American cities for just a bit:

  • My favorite, okay one of my favorites, for this Carnival is this one in San Antonio
  • We get to see some of the arts in San Francisco via
  • Leslie Carbone, who has joined us for the Carnival of Aloha before, will take us to Washington (D.C.) to see the Smithsonian
  • Go see more art on South Beach via the Seabird Chronicles which takes us to Miami
  • Miami checks in for a second time as Solo Friendly talks about the welcome warmth of that city in February
  • In Cincinnati we learn about USA-made vodka at Cincinnati Locavore

This is how I got involved:

Now, don’t think about getting lost over there and forget to cross back over the Pacific!  Be sure to check back here for the Carnival of Aloha which will go live on Monday!