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“Stop Rail Now” Opens Office

Before zoning out and letting my mind wander off on Monday, I did manage to focus for just a bit so that I could check in on the grand opening of the Stop Rail Now office.

Petition Sign

Stop Rail Now Co-Chairs

Some people seem to think that the rail will be a good addition to our landscape and that it will help alleviate the problems with transportation and traffic. I don’t think so.

I’m sorry but I am inclined to be more supportive of the research done by the staff at the University of Hawaii and I will go with those who are in the know rather than those looking to make a name for themselves. I will even go so far as to say that if you work downtown, or nearby, and if you’re a registered voter, go ahead and print out the petition, send me a message or leave a comment here so that I can contact you. I will collect them from you and deliver them to the Stop Rail Now office myself!

We have the right to vote on this project! Get your co-workers to sign it too! As long as this is what people want to do and as long as they’re registered to vote, then go for it!

Supporters milling around after grand opening

This movement is not without its supporters, as you can see. If you have questions or need assistance, contact the office at (808) 536-4384.

627 South StreetWe have to maintain the beauty of our island! Honolulu has just been rated as the “greenest city in the nation.” I think we should focus more on keeping it that way and focus on keeping our skyline free of rail tracks and other mechanical paraphernalia.

At the very least it is a decision that should be made by the citizens as a whole, not unilaterally by a hired official.

Stop Rail Now
627 South Street, Suite 4
Honolulu, HI 96813

Nature, Warnings and Contemplation

On Memorial Day most normal people do normal things.  They visit the cemetery, they watch news reports about the National commemorations and celebrations, they go on picnics or to the beach, etc.  I, on the other hand, go running and exploring places I didn’t know were there.

Kitty in the Brush

As I meandered around, somewhat tuned out and in a mental zone I found what may have been a feral cat staring at me from the brush along side a rather steep ditch.  He may have just wandered away from home to explore like me, but he looked pretty odd there in that spot, just staring at me.  Oh, oh… not too far away, there might be lunch!

Red Cardinal in the Brush

I spotted this bright fellow in the brush not too far away from the kitty in the brush.  I don’t think the cat saw Mr. Cardinal though.

Pool in the river looks like perfect swimming hole.

Then I saw this — wow! So pretty, so serene, so…. (screeeeeeach)  There’s that sound of the phonograph needle scratching the record again!

Here’s what we have instead:

Health Hazard Warning Sign

I’ve grown to hate the sight of this sign.  As soon as I see something pretty and inviting I always seem to be greeted by one of these warnings!

Oh well, at least someone is keeping us safe.  It’s still pretty to look at — even though it’s very close to the highway.  You would never think there was so much beauty that people speed by every day.  It’s a great place for contemplation.  A great place to think about something, or about nothing.  All this can be accomplished while trying not to get run over or annoy drivers.

Carnivals Bring Communities Together!

It’s just what carnivals do. People think they’re just for kids but it’s much more than that. For Honolulu, the annual Punahou Carnival, put together by Punahou High School, is probably one of Honolulu’s best examples of bringing the community together.

Carnivals are a place for people who share a common interest and/or common goals to congregate! In Punahou’s case, people come together for a common cause (to raise money for the school), they come together to enjoy the food and have fun with friends and family, and many people get to see friends and neighbors they haven’t seen for a very long time.

So, people of like minds and like interests gather at carnivals — for a variety of reasons. In addition to traditional carnivals, there are blog carnivals for just about every topic! If CNN and MSNBC have not met your thirst for political news, even the political bloggers have Carnivals!

I recently joined I’m a Pundit Too at for their political carnival with one of my posts. I have said before, and will say again here, that the blogosphere is one of the best places to get the news. I appreciate unfiltered news about things but I would also like to have it unclipped! I want the whole news! Bloggers keep going about their topics until they’re done making their point and sharing all of the important details! They don’t have to worry about commercials breaks and all that nonsense!

I’m asking for it with the political gang, I know that, but I really think it’s fascinating to see what you get from some of the posts submitted. Wide open politics! Here’s the most recent carnival where you will see that I’m a Pundit Too is not narrow-minded about things and I appreciate that. As a result, we get a huge array of different topics about American politics and the stance over laws and controversial topics. It’s certainly a slice of American life we don’t get elsewhere — not all at once anyway! 🙂

I appreciate the candor of the host of this political carnival and I appreciate the wide open nature. Politics. Period. Cool! It kind of reminds me of a carnival of posts all about Hawaii — regardless of topic. It’s just anything about Hawaii. You guys knew I was going to get to that didn’t you?!?


The Carnival of Aloha‘s deadline for submissions is next week Wednesday, May 28th! If you’re a blogger in Hawaii, send in your favorite post. If you have visited Hawaii and shared your visit on your blog, submit your story! If you’re a veteran of the Carnival of Aloha, don’t forget to send in your post!

The Vog is Clearing Over Oahu

The sky is looking pretty clear, at least for the time being. Our tradewinds returned yesterday afternoon and, while still very present, the vog started to dissipate.

This Sunday morning I can look out the window and comfortably say that it is not raining.  Recently, I have had to look down at the street to see if it was wet.  This morning, the sky is blue and the asphalt is dry!

Looking Up the Pali

These pictures show what it looked like at the end of the last week.

Vog over the Freeway

Even the afternoon traffic was looking like the beginning of the holiday season with everyone heading out for shopping or an evening football game. It’s the afternoon; headlights are not supposed to be so bright!

Looking Windward

It looks like rain but it’s bone dry.  After walking for a while and waiting for droplets it suddenly dawned on me that I was standing in the middle of it.  I assume that the vog will all come back as soon as the trades stop blowing, but for now, we’ll enjoy the clear sky.

I don’t remember it ever being like this and I have heard even people in the media say the same.  While it does make for beautiful sunrises and sunsets, I think we’re done with the novelty of it all.  I’m sure those with breathing problems and the parents with asthmatic children are very done!   I just worry about how people on the island of Hawaii deal with it!  Maybe it all floats away from there and wafts over to linger over the rest of the islands.  How’s the air on Maui anyway?

My Country Lied To Me!

Remember when they covered the news with all of those stories about the ethnic cleansing of Albanians in Kosovo? Remember we bombed the heck out of what was once Yugoslavia because of those claims?

Pure fiction! They lied to us! There was no such ethnic cleansing. It was all propaganda and false media reporting. How can we now look away and ignore this? Has our entire country become so parochial that we’re comfortably oblivious to the atrocities that are done with (and sometimes without) our citizen’s oblivious stamp of approval?

I know the newsies are laughing at me. Yeah, I know, you news experts are chuckling and wondering why I’m so surprised. You’re thinking, “They always lie to us, didn’t you know that?” Yeah, okay, I know. But this, for me anyway, is way beyond anything I have experienced in the way of deception by my own government.

If our government officials had said to us that we needed to protect our interest in the oil, we would have understood that. The problem is, they know we would have NOT understood, or tolerated, our country backing drug-trafficking terrorists! That’s what they were doing.

Are you mad yet? Believe me, it took me a while to cool down enough so that this post wouldn’t sound like raving lunacy. So, why am I writing about this? What does this have to do with me? What does this have to do with Honolulu? Read on…

The United States is not without its share of Serbian Americans. Serbian Orthodox churches all over the United States held big demonstrations about our (the United States of America’s) condoning of the Kosovar Albanians claiming Kosovo as their own — declaring independence in a land that is not and never was theirs.

My friends and members of my Church family are deeply hurt by this — hurt from personal, historic, religious and ethnic standpoints. Comparatively speaking, the declaration of disgust expressed in Honolulu was very small, but just as sincere and heartfelt nonetheless.

Local Serbians Taking a Stand

They gathered a concerned few together and met in front of the Federal Building just outside of downtown Honolulu. What America has done, without the knowledge of its citizenry, is to create a stage for this mess to play out where the outcry is too soft to be heard. Nobody is talking about it. The media is disinterested because there is no mob and there is no violence in the street. The feeble cry of, “but Kosovo is Serbia!” falls on deaf ears.

Answering Questions

Yes, people were more than willing to talk it through — more than willing to explain their position and why it hurts them. I was able to get the full impact of those explanations. But, where do I go for a disinterested party?

At this point of discovery I am angry. I needed more information to make a case for seeing the Serbian side of this Kosovo conflict. I needed more to disagree so vehemently with my own government — the government that is supposed to be doing good throughout the World.

Increasingly frustrated and still in denial that my country could be so deceitfully secretive, and leave us with no access to news from the other side, I kept searching. You see, it’s not that we don’t care, it’s that we just don’t know and we don’t fully understand the degree of our involvement.

Other countries think our calm is because we’re wimps. That is not the case. We are seeking knowledge and trying to ascertain the truth. I don’t want to hear governmental rhetoric that is laced with “creative” truths, aka lies, that are designed to sway public opinion. Give me the facts and let me make my own decisions on the movements of the people we voted into office!

Bosa holds a sign kept in the family since WWIDo we have culture clashes going on here? Definitely. Hawaii, of all places, should be used to it! Well, for the bulk of the population, the Slavic nations haven’t made a large enough impact on Hawaii to keep us all paying attention to what’s going on with their cultures and their homelands. We keep track of China, Japan and the Philippines, but, for the most part, the European Union seems to be kind of off our radar.

The media (I refer here to mainland media — our local stations are exempt on this topic) is obviously hell-bent on lying to us. Either that or they’re being strong-armed or paid huge sums to rewrite the facts. So, we need news sources that come directly from the people — people who are in the middle of it all and know the truth. Fox News is already on my list of places not to listen to because they shoot their mouths off before verifying their information — anything for headlines and to be first with breaking news — even if it’s false!

I really don’t want to add CNN to that ugly place of distrust. Sigh. This is a classic reason why we need something like the blogosphere if we expect to get the truth. We’ll get particles of truth, but at least they’ll be just that — the truth! When I say blogosphere I mean real people, not spin-off blogs from the news channels — those are just the same thing we already get from the media with some added editorial comment. They’re not bad, they’re just not reliable when the honesty of their station(s) is being questioned.

The blogosphere I’m talking about is the actual people living in the neighborhoods they’re talking about. The real people that understand the culture and current events and are living and sharing their lives with the world through their blogs.

While our local media and blogs are quiet about the topic of Kosovo, the blogosphere as a whole is not without its opinion and voice on this matter. Nothing Against Serbia tells us about how Zurich has heard the pleas of its Serbian population.

So, Now What?

Where do you think the United States stands with Serbia now? Our applauding this illegal drama has made Russia mad at us too. Have we made enemies out of our friends?

The damage has been done, so what will Washington do now to keep the peace? Anything? Hmmm… I wonder what Barack Obama would do to fix the situation? I don’t know. Perhaps he will open the lines of communication and help mend the rift and discuss options with all involved. What would Hillary Clinton do? NOTHING! Her husband was president when it started! What will McCain do? Nothing — he and his party want to continue it all in their “business as usual” manner.

What can we do? Not much. As citizens we can acknowledge the injustice done to our brethren so far across the globe, we can send venom-filled letters to our representatives in Congress, or we can pray for them as seen here.

Prayers for Kosovo

Why does our Russian Orthodox Priest see this as important? Aside from the fact that Serbia gave refuge to the Russian Orthodox so many, many years ago, when so many were threatened by the communists, Father Anatole justifies his prayerful support in this way:

First of all, ANY immoral act, whether committed by an individual or by a government, must be condemned in no uncertain words. Let me just cite a few undisputed facts connected with the Kosovo debacle:

1. Kosovo is not only a territory which formed the heartland of Medieval Serbia, but by long standing tradition it is the seat of the Serbian Orthodox Patriarchate. In addition, there are (or were) many historically important churches and monasteries in Kosovo.

2. When NATO, led by the United States, was threatening to bomb Serbia and Kosovo, the Kosovar Terrorists (a.k.a. ‘freedom fighters’ in the United States) were demanding full independence from Yugoslavia. At that time Clinton’s girdle saleswoman, Madeline Albright, told the Kosovar Albanians that ‘unless you only ask for autonomy, NATO cannot bomb the Serbs.’ Well, since the Albanians wanted Serbs to be bombed they changed their demand to ‘autonomy’.

3. NATO was originally formed to defend Western Europe from aggression from the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact countries. Yugoslavia, at the time of the bombing was not allied with the Soviet Union, and the Warsaw Pact had disappeared. Thus, the bombing of Yugoslavia by NATO was not an act mandated to it – it was interference in the internal affairs of a country that had not attacked anyone.

4. During Miloshevich’s crackdown against the Albanian separatists in Kosovo it was the Serbian Orthodox Church that did its best to shelter and defend innocent Albanian civilians. And what thanks did it get after the Serbs were driven out of Kosovo? Churches, monasteries were burned and desecrated, and the NATO peacekeepers did little to stop the Kosovars from doing their ‘ethnic cleansing’.

5. There is so little law and order in Kosovo now that after NATO eventually pulls out, the remainder of the Serbs in Kosovo can only expect genocidal attacks against them. (And the Kosovars can be sure that they will be in no way punished by NATO and the United States for that.)

6. Finally, the Israelis, if not the United States government, have spotted the precedent, a very unfavorable precedent for them, in the Kosovo situation. If NATO can bomb a sovereign state because that state refuses to grant independence to one of its territories where a particular ethnic group is in the majority and even engages in terrorist acts against it, what is preventing the Palestinians from declaring independence in Gaza and the West Bank? After all, logically, NATO should be protecting them against Israel by bombing the Israelis. One may also add to this, the Kurdish separatists in Eastern Turkey, the Basque separatists in Spain, etc., etc.

Saint Lazar of SerbiaDoes he know what he’s talking about? You bet. A now retired linguistics professor from the University of Hawaii, Father Anatole has had his own ethnic reasons to follow the news of the Slavic regions all these years. He is Russian and he was born in Yugoslavia where his mother, like many other Russian people fleeing the Russian communist regime, was given sanctuary.

Peaceful by nature, with a strong and passionate Christian Faith, prayers over the icon of the Serbian saint, Saint Lazar, offer some peace to the distressed Serbs who continue to watch their ethnic homeland and the holy places of its national Church being desecrated. This is all the more hurtful when the land they now call home applauds these visual and mental horrors.

Why is America Being So Disagreeable?

Caution: The following is my paranoid opinion section based only on my own thoughts and observations.

Could all of this be the reason for the rise in the cost of gas? The new pipeline to transport the ever-coveted oil from one country to the next is an ongoing project. That pipeline runs right through Kosovo! Hello?!?

Okay, maybe that’s being just a little too paranoid but, $9 billion of oil revenue has suddenly vanished? (I was listening to Dianne Feinstein on CNN with Wolf Blitzer and had to go get the transcript just to confirm what I thought I heard.) Was that to fund the sending of more soldiers to “help” the citizens of Iraq or are we going there to distract the American public from the travesty in Kosovo? What ever they’re doing, it’s working.

Let’s think about it:

Tibetan Monks being persecuted by China, we say nothing. There’s no oil involved.

Darfur abuses are running rampant and we verbally condemn them, but nothing more. There’s no oil involved.

Yet phony genocide is retaliated with war with a country over it’s own property. That would be like Mexico taking over California or Cuba taking of Florida and calling it their own, with the help of the army from yet another country. What were we thinking? It’s all about the oil.

Okay, that’s the end of my paranoid opinion section.

I was almost ready to wrap this up and then I ran into this article about Russia, China, and India looking to revisit this very issue with Kosovo. The article opens with:

“The US administration rejected with derision Thursday’s joint call by Russia, China and India to resume talks on the future status of Kosovo.”

With “derision?” Who the hell do we think we are?!? I swear we have no diplomacy or shred of decency left! We have GOT to change what’s going on in the White House.

Still hungry for more? There are articles galore but here is just a bit more reading if you care to absorb more information about this fiasco. I just can’t stand this oil-based hypocrisy.

Hawaii’s Sen. Daniel Akaka Endorses Barack Obama

Congresswoman Mazie Hirono endorsed Barack a few days ago and now Daniel Akaka has stated his support for Senator Obama.

Senator Akaka summed it up quite nicely with the following words:

“He is the antidote we need to cure Washington of the uninspired, partisan politics that has plagued our country far too long.

What makes him uniquely qualified? A March 2008 feature in Vanity Fair magazine offers a clue: ‘He was born and came of age in Hawaii, the 50th state and in many ways among the freest?thinking, where mixed?race ancestry is …a given.

If Obama comes across as a bit of a softy — if you don’t see the toughness or the ambition at first — it may be in part because he spent his formative years in a place where ‘Live Aloha’ had not yet become a slogan aimed at recapturing a more gracious time, but was simply a way of life.'”

That statement by Senator Akaka is one that I would say succinctly states the feeling of the bulk of the voting body of the State of Hawaii.

Now the question remains — where or where is Senator Daniel Inouye? Let me just say that while I generally don’t want a blind, rubber stamp to whatever we say, I’m going to be very confused and dismayed if Inouye doesn’t follow suit.

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Finding Links in the Island Chain

The composition of our chain of islands has a perceived yet invisible strand that holds us together. Okay, I’m not much on the topography of the ocean floor. While there may be years of lava flows keeping us tight, the strand I’m referring to is the cultural and emotional strand shared by island residents — no matter which island they’re living on. For the most part, we love our environment, we love our weather and we love our ocean and its wealth of sea dwelling creatures.

A few weeks back, my mother and I took a little whale sighting cruise. We didn’t see any. We were given tickets for a return engagement because of it. With tax time and other responsibilities, we never made it to that free repeat cruise we were promised. So, I went looking for other options. I thought about the submarine ride they have somewhere near Waikiki but Mom is claustrophobic so that wouldn’t be good. There are other sea-going vessels but they’re not all wheelchair accessible. I’m still looking.

In the mean time, I want to share something they have on Maui that I’m wishing we had on Oahu. I will confess at this point that, while we were on that little cruise on Oahu, I couldn’t help but say things to myself like, “I wish we were on Maui; we would be seeing whales if we were on Maui!”

Pride of Maui Whale Watching

There is this business on Maui that has a variety of activities that it offers. A catamaran with “unobstructed, panoramic viewing” sounds good to me! The difference? They’ve taken it a few steps beyond. They’re not just into whale watching, they’re covering all of the ocean basics with a hands-on approach. They’re not just riding on the water, they’re going in the water. Pride of Maui sounds like a great idea if you want to snorkel Maui!

Pride of Maui includes Molokini crater in its list of activities.  I caught myself comparing Maui’s Molokini crater with Oahu’s Hanauma Bay — without the locked gates and restricted parking. I’m being a little tough on Hanauma Bay and I need to remind people that I’m here on Oahu, not over there on Maui. Who knows what’s going on back on Maui’s shore. Perhaps Maui residents can fill us in on this little tidbit.

In Oahu’s (Honolulu’s) defense, the City and County of Honolulu, as irritating as it is, aims only to protect Hanauma Bay from a variety of threats to its health and preservation. Those threats weren’t there thirty-five or forty years ago. We had free reign back then.

National Geographic green sea turtleOne of the things that caught my attention with this venue of Maui snorkeling was their inclusion of snorkeling at “Turtle Town” on their list of activities. I didn’t even know there was such a thing. No, Pride of Maui didn’t make it up — it’s an actual area on Maui, or rather, along the shoreline of Maui where the turtles hang out.

As paranoid as I am about preservation, I was happy to find that I didn’t have to look too far to be sure that Pride of Maui is paranoid about it too. The warning is right on their site:

“The Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles are a protected species. Close encounters are sometimes initiated by the turtles. We respect their space and have discovered that by swimming calmly and respectfully, they will often swim closer to get a look at you.”

“Touching, chasing, or riding the turtles is unlawful and strictly prohibited.”

Thank you for that, Pride of Maui. I appreciate it when the tourist/business industry takes these things seriously! Mahalo to National Geographic for that honu picture!

I was happy to hear on one of the news channels recently that the Hawaiian sea turtle, honu, has recovered, for the most part, quite nicely. The comment made was that, what they thought would take 100 years to restore, has taken only 30. They’re still protected but at least we can see that our preservation efforts are not in vain. Perhaps sometime in our lifetime we will hear the same about our humpback whales!

The beauty of our natural environment extends from the tropical rain forests to the deep, life-sustaining oceans. The islands share these things in common and are linked by these cultural and emotional threads. We’re all working on preserving the environment along with the language and culture that makes Hawaii who and what we are! Island businesses are contributing to our ability to learn and share these things with each other and with our visitors.

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Alltop Catches it “All” in One Net!

Featured in AlltopThat’s all of the Net in one net. Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration but if it keeps growing, this description of Alltop may not be so much of an overstatement after all.

In any case, this aggregated conglomeration of informational blogs and news sites just appeared under my nose. A lot of things have just appeared right under my nose recently!

Have you ever been oblivious to your surroundings and suddenly been shaken into the realization of something? Imagine yourself swimming at Hanauma Bay only to suddenly notice you’re swimming alongside a 500-pound manatee — it’s sort of like that.

I Got Into Alltop’s Net

Let me explain. I didn’t put my blog there, but there it was. That in itself was pretty cool. Then I read a little about the site designer, Guy Kawasaki, I looked around at the others listed there with me, and suddenly I found myself feeling just a little overwhelmed! Am I overreacting? I certainly hope not! 🙂

Seriously?  I Got In?Somehow my darling blog earned itself a spot in this neat niche on the Net. While this niche is certainly an ever-expanding one, Homespun Honolulu was actually accepted into this net of niches on the Net! Thanks, Guy!

Hang on, it gets better! There’s one more thing I want to point out. Not only is this an ever-growing Goliath of an Internet Network, but its founder is a published writer and even writes a column for Forbes Magazine! That’s some impressive stuff to put on a resume if I’ve ever heard any!

A Little Personal Opinion

The beauty of Alltop is that, the way it’s organized, you can get a chunk of thoughts, news and opinions right in one spot. I am finding more often than not that it’s actually more beneficial to read the blogs about any given topic. While you might not get all the facts, what you do get, for the most part, is the truth. Readers will read about what’s really happening as seen through the eyes of those who are in the middle of things.

I’m so very tired of sensational journalism. I do love our media and I know the goal is to sell themselves with the juiciest, breaking news but, media guys, give it a rest and leave the fluff to your viewers! Tell us the truth, as much as you know about the truth and leave the embellishments and analysis to the listeners and their own points of view. We want to make up our own minds, based on the facts you provide.

I don’t know what put me up on that soap box but I must say that I was particularly grateful for Alltop’s addition of things I really want to know about and/or understand. What better way to understand the stance, the thinking, and the emotions behind something than to get it from the source? Am I being naive? Maybe.

Aliya at her Evolution blog said it best when she posted:

“Featuring approximately 150-160 Islamic news sites and general bloggery written by Muslims, the site aptly demonstrates that Muslims are a diverse bunch, with a wide spectrum of of views and opinions. In the same vein as the Gallup world polls, it’s the ideal place to go if you find out for yourself what Muslims really think.”

She’s talking about this area of Alltop and I agree and send out thanks to Guy for providing these kinds of educational experiences for those of us who really want to understand and follow the events around the World as they “really” happen and as they relate to us in our own lives.

Alltop shares many links to so many groups of links about related subject matter. Topics may include such things as fashion, celebrities, sports, Macintosh, science, topics about going green, and even automotive sites. Guy himself referred to it appropriately as a “digital magazine rack.” I’m impressed, grateful, and humbled.

Visual Confirmation of Dairy’s Demise

I knew it. You knew it. It’s been in the news. We’ve known about it for quite some time (since 2004 or so). But, to see it dissolve right before your eyes is not the easiest thing to witness. As an ardent fan of the dairy industry, that orange circle with the “f” in it didn’t simply mean “Foremost” to me, it meant milk!

Foremost Truck

I still remember, when I was little, how excited I was to see the cow on the lawn at Foremost. The cow was fake but I kept looking for real ones. It’s a dairy! I used to think, “They must be milking the cows somewhere!” They’ve removed the cow from the lawn. It’s gone. They were milking the cows… in Waianae and elsewhere. From what I understand, a lot of our dairy farmers are gone too. Things were no longer profitable.

Front of old Foremost location on Dillingham Blvd.

I don’t know if it’s the statue being gone from the lawn or the site of the building deserted that has the most impact on me but I just needed to talk about it. I guess that maybe it’s an end of an era — a reminder of how old I am?

Dismantling of Foremost  building

The removal of the equipment is pretty troubling. I can’t help it. I’m a dairy freak and milk is important to me! Yes, this is an old story but in no time at all, when someone says Foremost, the kids are going to say, “Who?”

Don’t worry, all is not lost — it’s Lani Moo to the rescue! Their logo also means more to me than just “Meadow Gold,” it means milk! Meadow Gold continues to come to the rescue for us cheese-loving, milk-drinking fanatics.

Meadow Gold delivery truck

These trucks, much like the Matson, Coca-Cola, and Pepsi trucks, are ones I try not to get run over by while cutting through the grocery store parking lot. I will admit that I am hoping those trucks are carrying my pineapple cottage cheese! Did I mention that I’m a dairy freak? 🙂

I have to add here that Meadow Gold has always had a significantly larger name-recognition thing going during my lifetime. Their community involvement is tremendous and they have been known to work with other companies to support community events. I’ve seen it. That could be a huge part of it! I’ll talk about them later, I promise. For now, suffice it to say that I’m just glad they’re here!

I didn’t make this cow story up. The Honolulu Star-Bulletin covered the story back in 2004 when it first happened and one of their photographers got a great picture of the cow of my childhood, before it was removed. I wonder where that cow is now. Hmmm…


Honolulu Star-Bulletin photo

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Carnival Chapter 9: Taking Time to Smell the Plumeria

Western Wagons for Movie Filming

Things have been so crazy around here lately I just wanted us to kick back just a bit and enjoy the Carnival at a relaxed pace. I thought we could just borrow one of these old-fashioned carriages from the filming that was happening near and around Iolani Palace. I didn’t think anyone would mind. I don’t think we can go much more leisurely than that!

I wanted to smell the plumeria and the gardenia flowers but a blogger, who is new to us, is going to add to that — he’s going to talk to us from under the stars!

Andrew Cooper presents The 2008 MATE ROV Challenge posted at A Darker View. Before you react to the name of the blog, wait until you see what it is! I was taken aback a little too but it’s all about viewing the stars over Mauna Kea! We’ve got us an engineer who likes astrophotography. I have to admit, I had never heard that word before. But, any blogger has got to love the idea of getting pictures of space and then blogging about them! How awesome is that? Well, Andrew shares a post with us about how ingenious our youth are with their scientific inventions. We’ve heard a lot about that recently but this one is under water!

Welcome aboard, Andrew, I hope you stick around and share all the cool things you guys are doing over there and what you’re seeing in the stars! We’ve got people sharing just about everything but it’s great to have a solar-system blogger to share the aloha from the stars! Andrew is going to share more about the Mauna Kea Visitor Information Station next time, if I’m really nice. He just doesn’t know it yet. 🙂

Anybody wanting a detailed description of what “Aloha” really means, you’re in luck!

The PegasusTeam presents The Meaning of Aloha posted at Your Aloha Connection. This is another new blog to us! This post shares the meaning as we know it and then adds a little more detail to it as they dissect the word for us.

L.P. “NEENZ” FALEAFINE shares more blogger aloha telling us that Alltop Has Got HAWAII Covered! Neenz over at From the Mind of NEENZ, says that, “As part of the Alltop team, I am excited to announce that Hawaii is one of the first Geo categories on Guy Kawasaki’s latest project, Alltop is an online magazine rack that features “all of the top” news within a category. This is a wonderful opportunity for Hawai’i bloggers and anyone whose content focuses on anything and everything Hawai’i.”

We’ve got a nice nerdy twist to things around here! You know, for the geek in all of us. Yep, Hawai’i has got geeks too! In fact…

Lynn Vasquez tells us all about the Hawaii Geek Meet in an article she posted at her blog, Auntie Pupule. I couldn’t be there that day so I really appreciate Auntie Pupule sharing this with all of us! We get a complete run down and pics to go with it! Thanks, Auntie!

Geeks find it much too easy to spend money. Electronic gadgets cost a lot so we need to pinch pennies where we can.

Sheila helps us with the 5 Best Hawaii Vacation Money Saving Tips posted at Hawaii Vacation Blog –, saying, “These tips are ones that we’ve used, so they are tried and true. They will help you save hundreds of dollars on your vacation.” I like “tried and true!” It’s alway nice to have someone be the guinea pig for these things! Thanks, Sheila!

Our Carnival participants never cease to amaze me! We keep running into the same things or talking about the same things at the same time. While Sheila is helping us all to save money, we’re looking to be save other things — like our environment!

Hawaii Vacation Gifts tellls us How Double Brush Saved Hundreds of Trees! What kind of trees? Ohia trees… the ones who make those pretty red flowers that I’m so very fond of! Thank you, Cheryl, for being so ecologically conscience. Read all about the efforts of Hawaii Vacation Gifts to protect our environment over at Hawaii Vacation Gifts Blog – Hawaiian Blog. Cheryl says, “I can’t stand all the people clear cutting the forest out here!”

While we’ve got tree conservation on the Big Island of Hawaii, Maui has something in store.

Angie tells us all about the Soothing sights and smells that await you in Upcountry Maui posted at True Aloha. Again, Angie has hit on something so oddly timely! On Administrative Assistant’s Day a couple of weeks ago, my boss got me a huge lavender plant. Go check out Angie’s post about the cause of those sweet smells on Maui. What are the odds with the lavender?!? Check it out, you’ll see what I mean!

Bobbie was thinking and feeling much like I am. Bobbie shares some Thoughts On Fishing posted over at her Virtual Scratchpad as she says, “I’ve written a lot of posts about Hawaii topics this past month, but most of them were not “carnival” material (airlines closing, bad vog, etc.). This submission is actually from late March, but at least the topic is nostalgic and Hawaii-sentimental, not depressing! :-D” I like nostalgic, Bobbie, and I liked this post. Besides, it’s kind of timeless. 🙂

We should be able to get surf boards on top of our carriages… or our carriages on top of the surfboards.

Pua keeps us peaceful with a fun ride telling us about the, “Best surf spots on Maui” via Maui is the Best More about Maui Surfing posted at Best Hawaii Vacation with Hawaii Vacation Blog.

We’ll complete our carnival with a little bit more Green!

Evelyn (that’s me) wanted to share that the Honolulu Academy of Arts Goes Green. We found some pretty neat ways to recycle junk too! So, we get to relax and recycle!

That wraps up another chapter of the Carnival of Aloha! I hope everyone is feeling peaceful and rested for the coming week. Submit your blog article to the next chapter of the Carnival of Aloha using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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