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Homespun Honolulu Endorses Barack Obama!

That makes my blog sound important, don’t you think? Okay, I know it’s a silly title, but it’s true. Don’t worry, if you don’t support Obama, I am cool with that and I am very open to hear about it! Honest! I don’t vote by political party, never have. I vote for people.

This article has been pending on the drawing board for quite some time. Every day something else happens that I have an opinion about; something else is said that fuels my desire to talk about this man. Each time that has happened over the past few weeks, I have just continued to add more comments to the draft of this post. After the Rev. Wright fiasco yesterday, now seems like the best time!

At this point, I realize that it is only going to continue to grow so I will try to summarize my compilations and talk about some of them and just keep talking in other posts as things happen. I need to just post this as a start to my political observations. If I let it go any longer, it’s going to end up being a novel-length series of observations. Oh, wait, that’s what a blog is, isn’t it? 🙂

I’m hanging on every word I hear and every word the political pundits are saying, to the best of my ability. I’m agreeing, disagreeing and wanting so much to tell someone what I’m thinking and then hear what you guys are thinking. I know what the media is thinking, or spinning.

It started pretty tame, fun and exciting, with things like this…

I actually appreciated the YouTube video that equated Obama’s campaign to the opening scenes of the Wizard of Oz. While I don’t think they intended it to be complimentary, I do think that it was intended to say we’re living in a fairytale. I actually loved the analogy because I could only think of the hope this new Presidential candidate has brought to the table. A fairytale? No, hope and a positive direction!

My focus is on Obama’s ability to unite all of us, the way we were here in Honolulu at the time of the caucus. His ability to spur people into action is like nothing I have ever seen in my lifetime. I’m amazed at my own reaction but even more amazed that so many people have had the same reaction. I was so drawn to his sincerity and to his genuine desire to work with us as a team. Obama’s down home communication is so very real and, consequently, so very effective.

I don’t understand the Congressman, Steve King, who said that they (al-Qaida) will be dancing in the streets if Obama wins. Huh? I can see why Iraq would be, but al-Qaida? Because of Obama’s middle name? How infantile is that?!? We’re done in Iraq and should have been gone a long time ago. It is obvious that if McCain, or any Republican, gets into office, they will keep us in the war trampling on Iraq’s turf. None of us want that. Of course, if Hillary wins they’ll probably be laughing in the street. Does anyone remember that women are not very popular over there? Uh, just how much respect do you think she’s going to get?

Let’s see, Obama says he’s going to get us out of their space and he’s going to talk story with their leaders, and others, even if they hate us. Iraq actually may be dancing in the street, and well it should! I think I would be dancing in the street too! Most of the people I talk to, think we should have brought our troops home a long time ago and should not have been there in the first place. I also read that someone said that Iraq would like to be left to their own devices. Of course, that may have been just opinion, but I would guess it’s not too far off the mark.

Here I will insert a note about Hamas. Why are they happy to see Obama get in? Because they want the lines of communication open without the constant threat of violence hanging over their heads. Are the problematic? Yes. But, I’m not really sure how problematic. Are you? Please share! Make not mistake, any real threat would be answered, but if it can be avoided and resolved without violence, that would be my foreign policy of choice.

Obama and his grandparents

If the terrorists (any of them) knew what was coming their way, and if they’re not looking for peaceful resolution, they should be looking for a place to hide. I’m quite familiar with some of the bloodline behind Senator Obama. His maternal grandmother was a no-nonsense, get-the-job-done kind of lady. This woman had a direct hand in raising Mr. Obama.

I have to be honest and confess that I have thanked my lucky stars over the years that I did not have to work under Madelyn Dunham. I never met her but, from what I have heard over the years, she had a commanding presence in the work place. I have heard from people who did work under her that she, “made sure you knew what you were doing!” She was focused and determined to get the job done and done correctly. Hmmm… I certainly don’t mind having that kind of bloodline in the Whitehouse! Mrs. Dunham retired before I got there. I now wish, more than ever, that I did make it there before she retired — so I would have known her instead of just knowing about her.

Perhaps Mr King’s dancing-in-the-street comment was another reference to Obama’s religion? I’ll admit that Fox News got me on that one too. Our local newsies know I don’t always follow the news… until recently. People were believing what Fox wrongly reported: that Obama was a Muslim. No, he is not. They did not have the decency to confirm or authenticate their information before letting it loose. They were wrong.

Sensational journalism is one thing (annoying as it is), but slanderous journalism is quite another. [NOTE: I have seen the objections elsewhere and I anticipate this thought going through the minds of readers so I will address it before it goes there — no, there is NOTHING wrong with being Muslim! That is your choice. However, it becomes a problem for voters if you are wanting to be the President of the United States — a country that is currently not on the best-friends list of Muslim-controlled countries and/or territories.]

The media can keep spinning it and I will continue to spin it in the right direction! See, this is the benefit of being a blogger — no network is going to tell me to shut my mouth. They may say it, but it won’t work. Does that make me a crazy blogger, Mr. O’Reilly? I will say that Mr. O’Reilly is one of the few things that keeps me tuning into Fox… even if he does irk me sometimes. Bloggers are not crazy, we’re passionate and sometimes artistic personalities. So, you might as well get over it!

What is it that Americans are looking to move away from?

Easy answer — Bush.

I voted for Gore. I often wonder where we would be right now if Gore had gotten in. I think that we would be trying to fix the environment and global warming. Not very interesting you say? Well, we would have gotten a head start on cutting back on our need for oil. Finally we’ve started looking for other ways to produce energy — to help decrease our huge reliance on that crude oil, but just think how much better off we would be if we had started this seven years ago!

Now, about being bitter… some people really need to get over those statements — Obama was simply making an observation. We are all bitter at any given time. Maybe we’re not bitter about the government all the time but even if things don’t impact us directly, we’re still bitter. How much of the news do you have to watch before you are troubled? How many accidents do you need to see, how much crime do you need to witness and how many tears do you have to dry before you feel a twinge?

Every time we see one of our friends weep as they say goodbye to their child being deployed, yet AGAIN, to Iraq, we feel the pangs of that with mixed emotion. These parents are so very proud, but so fearful for their children. You’re damn right we’re bitter. We’re fighting someone else’s war to protect our interest in oil? How much do you need to make you bitter?

I’m not living is squalor but I know people who are. I have financial difficulties but I haven’t lost my home. Yet, I understand the anguish and ire created by all of this. I have food, I have shelter, and I have ,a job. If I have all these things and I still feel frustrated and angry quite often, why is it so hard to believe that everyone has moments of bitterness?!? This is not an insult, in any way — it’s an astute observation. Anyone who doesn’t see that, in my opinion, is really out of touch!

We are frustrated, we are bitter and we’re angry! We’re watching our society crumble with drugs and crime as more of our citizens are sent off to fix other people’s governments instead of their own. You tell me why we shouldn’t be angry! The other candidates need to pick another topic to make up stories about because they’ve worked that one into the ground.

Most of my friends, and I myself, have trouble making ends meet. That’s just how our economy is. Is it frustrating? You bet! Are we bitter? At times. I didn’t find anything incorrect or belittling in Obama’s comments at all. He’s right, so stop trying to make something more out of a simple and accurate observation.

Wait, I’m not done yet… we also have people like Hillary Rosen on MSNBC saying that the Obama campaign is being divisive by stating that the super delegates are going against the popular vote, i.e. what the people want and have voted for. Uh, another true statement — they are! Maybe not all of them but the last I heard, ours is. We say Obama, our delegate says no. That is what’s divisive! The accusation in cases like that (that our votes are being stolen) is not “outrageous,” Ms. Rosen, it’s quite accurate and, like it or not, that’s how we see it — we put them where they are, how dare they go against us!

I do think that everyone will agree we need a President who will step up to the plate and be our country’s salvation. After the disaster that has been made of our economy and our fiscal budget, we need some heavy-duty restoration. As for our image around the globe, we need restitution. My mind returns again and again to Obama’s comments about how we need to talk to other World Leaders, even the ones who don’t like us. If you’re the President, Barrack, I’m looking to you to make it happen. I’m looking to you to be our President and our Ambassador!

Obama is representative of us. Of course we cry when we hear him talk. I thought I was the only one. I’m not. He speaks what’s in our hearts so it brings the passion forward. He’s the Coca Cola of politicians — he’s the Real Thing!

David Brooks from the New York Times cracks me up! I’m an Obama supporter and I’m not ashamed to say so. But, sorry Mr. Brooks, I’m not going to be selling flowers at the airport anytime soon. I may be there to give my favorite candidate a lei, but I don’t think that opportunity will ever present itself. If it does, I can only hope he will be surrounded by too many secret service for me to even get close!

Another person I would love to get close to is Michelle Obama. What a gem! If you say nothing else positive about this man, he’s got some damn good taste! She’s a natural! I saw her interview with Stephen Colbert and was very impressed with her candor and her comfort with public speaking. Michelle calls it as she sees it. Period.

YouTube Preview Image

Whether you agree with me or not, your comments are very welcome here. Don’t worry about being heated… talking about politics seems to have that effect on people. Ahem. Do watch your language though, please.

Now, about that Ayers thing… my first reaction was, “Who?” He’s a teacher now. He was a hippy activist back in the 60’s. He’s not part of the picture.

As for McCain’s stance that Obama should apologize to the American people… sorry Mr. McCain but that’s a stretch. I mean, do we all walk into a room and ask everyone there what they were doing 30 or 40 years ago? Most of us ask a new acquaintance what they do now.

Ayers lived through an ugly time in our history. It was during the “hippy days” — a time when drugs were the newest fad, sexual awareness was set free, and political activists were on every corner. Some, like Ayers and his cohorts, were extremists. Should he have been given some time behind bars to humble his a** a bit? Definitely. He got off because of a technicality, a slip-up on the part of FBI investigators. Don’t wait for me to say I’ll talk about that later. I won’t. It’s a waste of bandwidth and I’m not going to chastise an organization for which I have an uncanny amount of aloha and respect. It’s over, it’s done, move on. talked somewhat extensively about the relationship between Obama and Ayers. They posted the following quote from Senator Obama’s press secretary, “Sen. Obama strongly condemns the violent actions of the Weathermen group, as he does all acts of violence,” said Obama’s press secretary, Bill Burton. “But he was an 8-year-old child when Ayers and the Weathermen were active, and any attempt to connect Obama with events of almost 40 years ago is ridiculous.”

Aside from being cordial acquaintances that can communicate with each other, there is no relationship to talk about. Are they avoiding the questions from nosy newsies? Of course! Why can’t Rev. Wright do the same?

Reverend Wright, now there’s a problem! I need to point out that people who are saying so are NOT attacking the “black church” or anything else for that matter! The audacity of this person to take on the role of speaking for all black Christians and for everyone who has ever gone to his church. It’s inexcusable! The people who are hoping Wright will shut up are indeed against Wright. I personally am feeling embarrassment for the UCC parish in Chicago. I hope we will get to meet Reverend Moss who has replaced Wright.

Another black pastor, Reverend Eugene Rivers, on MSNBC’s Hardball said that Wright has done nothing but benefit Clinton and McCain with his rhetoric. My question is, how can a man (Wright) who has had so much education behave in such a moronic fashion? For every step we take to get rid of racism, idiots like that just mess it all up again. Does Wright have the right to keep talking? Of course! He’s an American! Should he keep talking? I think I can speak for most Obama supporters when I say, absolutely not! Go clean the church or polish the pews or plant a garden to calm your crazy self. Decaf only for you!

Going forward, I want to talk about what’s important, just like all Americans want to hear about what’s important — the issues that face our country. I’m going to tune in and research the answers to the questions that bother me and that bother the people around me most of all. Let’s look at the positions candidates are taking on the important things rather than coming down on them for the past and present indiscretions of others, over which they have no control.

There, I spit it out. Like I said, it’s a conglomeration of thoughts and reactions to what has gone on over the past several weeks. The time stamp on this post says March 8th. It started even before that. I am reading books about Barack Obama and ones written by him. There is much I want to share about what I am learning. Going forward I will share what I see and how I see how it can help the American people to benefit from what this man has to offer! That’s what I want to share! I just had to get these things off my chest first.

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Back to Business as Usual

New business cardWith the change in blog ownership and management around here a few months back, I needed to redraft the business cards for my blog. It is always a challenge to try to come up with something creative, but it’s always easier when you have a little bit of assistance and the input of a person in the know!

Once again, Diane at Ohana Printing stepped up to the plate to help me out with this little project. Diane found the appropriate artwork to satisfy what was on my mind. Things fell into place and I am very happy with my little card.

Some people may be wondering about the red Ohia flower in the upper left corner. Yes, I know the Ilima is Oahu’s flower. The Ohia is representative of my passionate personality more than anything else. Why the Ohia? The tragic love story that makes up its Hawaiian legend has endeared this flower to me from the very moment I heard it.

The Ohia Lehua is actually the flower of the Big Island of Hawaii, but after hearing the legend of this flower, it has remained a very beautiful blossom near and dear to my heart. This emotional reaction is just indicative of the kind of passion shared by bloggers — one that keeps us all writing and talking and grumbling and…

So, now that we’ve got that all cleared up, it’s back to business as usual!

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Colt Moves from Warriors to Redskins

Colt preparing to pass the football Yesterday morning the news came over the wire that Colt Brennan has been drafted by the Washington Redskins! I was very happy to hear that for a variety of reasons.

Even though it took until the 6th round for Colt to get drafted, he didn’t end up as a free agent. Sheesh! Some of our much beloved receivers did end up as free agents.

Colt will be joining the same team that Kurt Gouveia retired from relatively recently. Kurt is now looking to be a coach for the UH Warriors. Hmmm… sounds like a good person to talk story with! 🙂 Kurt graduated from the same high school as me except he’s a year younger. Yeah, he’s making me feel old.

Since the Redskins are on the West Coast, Washington has got to be a little familiar with the way locals function. In addition, Colt is closer to home and can come back to visit!

Congratulations, Colt! I think the Redskins just acquired some new fans! Good luck and we’ll be watching!

Looking for Waves of Aloha

Choppy surf at Barbers Point

It’s deadline time again!  This is just a reminder to everyone to not forget to send your blog posts in for the upcoming edition of the Carnival of Aloha.  If you’re new to the Carnival, you can follow that link to get all of the guidelines.  If you’re a veteran, don’t forget to submit your post before the deadline!

The deadline for this issue of the Carnival of Aloha is this coming Wednesday, April 30th.  It’s coming up on us fast and furious so don’t forget!  Catch a wave and drop your post off your post as you surf on by.  🙂

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Honolulu Academy of Arts Goes Green

The Honolulu Academy of Arts did the “green” thing this past Sunday for its Family Sunday. Assuming this was in anticipation of yesterday’s Earth Day, I would say they did a great job.

Honolulu Academy of Arts

For those who drive down Beretania Street and pass the Academy on a regular basis, like me, you’re familiar with the colorful banners in front of the Academy that are blowing in the wind as you drive by.

Colorful textiles covered in cultural writings

These banners, as festive and alluring as they are, have nothing to do with Earth Day. These are part of the motif that continues on the inside and is the current exhibit visiting the Academy.

Signage for The Dragon's Gift The sacred arts of Bhutan are currently this featured display at the Academy of Arts. The full display of this attraction is on the second floor.

We did not venture up to see the display but it was definitely the topic of conversation while we were there. “The Dragon’s Gift,” as this exhibit is titled, is an attraction which focuses on the “Himalayan kingdom’s Buddhist art and culture.”

This exhibit represents an unusual opportunity to learn about a culture we don’t hear about very often. In addition to the educational aspect, it is definitely a visual feast of very colorful arts, sacred ritual dance, and rich textiles.

Those colorful banners we mentioned, the ones pictured above, are actually covered in writings that you would only see if you were standing next to them. While the writings are not in English, the quality and detail involved with such labor still makes quite an impact.

So, just what was going on for Earth Day? Well, there were a lot of things to make you think about protecting our environment and a lot of hands-on activities for the keiki (children).

Volunteers make terrariums for the keiki

Here we’ve got some terrariums being made to further educate the youngsters. I was surprised to see just how little parking was available and how many young children were there. The Academy is not usually a place where you find young children. Its focus is more on the arts of various World cultures. Bishop Museum is a more common place to see the kids.

Parents crafting with the kids

It certainly made for some creativity and quality time for families. Happy Tamanaha, seen below, was showing people of varying ages the art of basket weaving from simple coconut leaves.

Happy Tamanaha explains basket weaving

While the push has always been to plant more flora than concrete, the other, more-recent focus for our planet is to recycle products that may otherwise end up in the landfills.

Mark Chai's Industrial Art

Local sculptor, Mark Chai, has the right idea and shares those ideas with attendees. Pictured above, left, we see a conversational mood light created from a waste basket. In the center we have a decorative light made out of an x-ray film carton that would have otherwise been discarded. The item on the right is a wastebasket made from corrugated tin roof and, get this, old cafeteria trays.

Mark Chai's Street Lamp Shelves

This one is my favorite. The backing of this piece is actually the backing of a street lamp that Mr. Chai found at the dump. He has made a useful creation that, while maybe not suitable for your living room, would certainly make great shelf space on the lanai or in the garage. What’s the Aloha sign? Nothing more than thick cardboard. Imagine that — attractive, functional and Earth-friendly!

The Academy is not done with the green of the past Family Sunday. For their Art after Dark celebration on April 25th (held from 6 – 9:00 PM on the last Friday of the month) attendees will enjoy more live presentations for uses of recycled materials, some organic cuisine and drinks, a variety of entertainment, and a final chance to see The Dragon’s Gift exhibit.

Honolulu Academy of Arts
900 Beretania Street
Honolulu, Hawai’i 96814
Phone: (808) 532-8700

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Honolulu Citizens Start Another Grassroots Movement

We’ve all been distracted by what’s going on in the political arena at the national level and the ability of candidates to ignite a country behind them and their campaigns. Honolulu has its own political drama going on over here. This is not as glamorous by any stretch of the imagination yet, suddenly, it’s another one that is winning the support of the people.

Supporters Gather at Honolulu Hale

These are the real people! They’re taking this seriously and the media, at least for now, is taking it seriously too. I saw KGMB, KHNL, and K-5. The others may have been there too but I’m not sure. I love the sign, “If You Build it, They Won’t Come.” We’ve been saying that from the start but only in conversations among friends and co-workers.

Dennis Callan, co-Chair of Stop Rail NowDr Michael Uechi, co-Chair of Stop Rail Now

You have to wonder why we weren’t consulted. How can someone, even if he is the Mayor, have this kind of unilateral control over our land, our skyline and our money?!? Because we let him. Dennis Callan (above left), a photographer for the Hawaii Geographic Society, and Dr. Michael Uechi (above right), a physician, are looking to change all of that. The purpose of this “grassroots” movement is to get 40,000 signatures in the next 90 days so that we can get this question on the November ballot — as it should have been from the start! What will it say?

“Honolulu mass transit shall not include trains or rail transit.”

We should have been asked, we should have been the ones to make this decision and we’re going to try to take this decision making back! The Stop Rail Now! campaign was just ignited yesterday at Honolulu Hale. Of course I just had to be there because my feathers have been ruffled for a long time and I needed to flock with the birds of the same feather! In addition, there are so many ideas out there and there have been studies going on to work through the traffic problem without ruining our home.

Hanging the Banner

Quite obviously, this whole transit thing has become a very volatile topic of discussion. I knew I had a lot of angst about it but I thought everyone had just thrown up their hands and walked away from the whole thing. Uh, no they haven’t! Someone did say that a couple of the Mayor’s secretaries were out there taking notes. As I walked by I snidely remarked, “Oh, let me give them a pen!” Attitude? You bet — it’s all about “By the People, For the People!” Darn! I forgot my t-shirt! Still in doubt? Check out this video!

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Today’s Students, Tomorrow’s Leaders

Chaminade University of Honolulu is an interesting place. Sitting adjacent to St. Louis High School in Kaimuki, Chaminade has a very traditional-looking campus with a not-so-traditional focus on entrepreneurship.

I was asked by an instructor, Danielle Lum, to visit her communications class and talk about… blogging! Really? Me? Gulp! Okay, I can do that. I think everybody’s blogging pal, Ryan Ozawa, was the one who dropped a note to let people know Danielle was looking for someone. I can only hope that I wasn’t a disappointment.

Let’s put it this way, I wasn’t too pleased with myself. Between tax time and three or four other things pulling on my time (and my mind), I wasn’t prepared like I wanted to be, or like I should have been. The delay between blog posts around here for the past several weeks is indicative of that!

Anyway, I am very glad I was able to visit with these students — it had an unexpected impact on me. I was at least able to tell them some important things that I have learned — to not look to make money blogging, to write consistently with passion, and that when your start your business (not if, but when), a blog should accompany your business’ website.

Chaminade Sign

These are things that have struck me over recent months and I was happy to share them! I was lucky enough to have their instructor there to ask pointed questions and open the way for conversation. It opened things up for some of the students to ask questions too. Those questions actually reminded me of things I wanted to say. I was nervous, I admit that. They were cool!

Communications Class at Chaminade

It was exciting to see these young people on their journey of higher learning! The interpersonal relationship with their instructor was interesting to observe. The rapport that the students had with Ms. Lum created a nice relaxed atmosphere that, I believe, is more conducive to the learning process.

Chaminade University does have the traditional classes for the traditional areas of study but it also takes pride in its pre-professional programs. The atmosphere of higher learning is very obvious and I feel very comfortable in saying that it is an institution that Honolulu should be proud of. I was humbled by the invitation and I remain humbled by the approach taken to the collegiate education being bestowed on these lucky students.

I don’t know who is the luckiest in this whole scenario but I need to send a huge “Mahalo!” out to Danielle Lum for having me, to her students for tolerating me, and to Chaminade for the opportunity to see a segment of our future!

The Good the Bad and the Ugly

There’s nothing that ignites a keyboard better than things that ruffle your feathers, make your hair stand up or just plain make you furious!

The Good…

…started out bad. The State of Hawaii’s Department of Health actually had the audacity to try to push through a Bill that would allow any moron to put tattoos on people without being licensed and without having any sanitary procedures or other requirements in place. What?!? What were they thinking?!?

Somebody decided that it was okay to loosen the rules on the Tattoo industry because we hadn’t had any disease outbreaks from tattooing. Hello?!? No, duh! That’s because those regulations were in place to protect the consumers and the public at large! They can’t be that dumb!

Associated Press Writer, Mark Niesse, has a nice write up about the issue. There is also a quote contained in that piece from Anna Paige. Ms. Paige was a spokesperson for the Artists on a news clip that I saw a few days ago. She gets it, the other artists get it, what’s wrong with everyone else? How did it even get this far? Senator Rosalyn Baker said that the Bill, “needs more work before becoming a law.” I’ll say! Is that ever an understatement!
This is a much bigger issue than people seem to realize. These are needles we’re talking about. Hello?!? Think about it, friends, family members and anyone who comes in contact with those seeking and acquiring tattoos are at risk by this kind of deregulation. I’m sorry, I just cannot believe that the Board of Health would have even considered such a thing! It’s just so damn irresponsible!

Anyway, that stupid Bill was killed by the Senate yesterday after the Tattoo artists themselves made a stink about it on Monday. I heard about it on Friday and I went ballistic! Then I saw a news clip where several tattoo companies had gotten together to share their concerns. So, I waited. Their businesses and their clients both need protection from this kind of legislative nonsense!

I will restate, once again, that the image of the Tattoo industry, one that seems to be held by the general populace, is not necessarily an accurate one. This is a wonderful example — it was the artists themselves who yelled about this crazy idea and I say “hats off” and a huge “Mahalo!” to Honolulu’s Tattoo Artists! Thanks gang, for keeping us safe! You stood up, you came forward and you made a good thing happen!

So, what’s Bad?

The weather. Well, not really… Kilauea is bad. Our friends and families on the Big Island of Hawaii are choking on the sulphuric fumes from the volcano, Volcano National Park has been closed yet again, and the American Red Cross is standing by in case there is a need to evacuate some people.

Meanwhile, Oahu residents are suffering from extreme headaches, nasal problems and throat irritation. We can only venture a guess as to how they are feeling on the Big Island. So, while Kilauea is just being a volcano and doing what they do, we’re just breathing some bad air. It has not become a medical issue, yet.


There was a meeting Monday night (last Monday) about the rail system. Did you know about it? Yeah, I didn’t either. But, there was a notice about it from the City and County of Honolulu’s News and Events email. The notice said that, “Monday’s meeting on rail transit will be held from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. in the cafeteria of Radford High School.” When did I get the email? At 8:51 p.m. Monday evening –twenty or so minutes after the meeting was over. Yes, I confirmed it; it was this past Monday night.

Is the Mayor trying to avoid confrontation? Perhaps. I will talk more about my thoughts on TheRail later, I promise. It has become an even bigger issue than simply transportation.

Was this late notice intentional? Maybe, maybe not. At the very least it was negligent and it sure looked ugly. Even more flagrant is the other part of that notice. The rest of the notice is all about the curbside recycling program. There will be meetings for that all over Oahu. There’s even a schedule for those meetings. But, there’s no schedule for rail meetings. Looks very sneaky. Ugly.