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They Did It! BCS! BCS! BCS!

University of Hawaii's Hawaiian HThe University of Hawaii Warriors have an undefeated season!

When I was in high school, I went to every football game. I was lucky — that was a time when Waianae High School was THE team to beat in the OIA (Oahu Interscholastic Association). I know I’m dating myself a little with this, but that’s okay. It was fun and some of us took it very seriously. I remember one Homecoming game when Waianae played Pearl City. Pearl City almost won. I never screamed so loud in all my life. We won. I’m sure my volume must have helped carry that extra point over that goal post!

I went straight to the University of Hawaii after graduation to continue my education, but sports weren’t part of the agenda anymore. For me, with the exception of having my ear set to news about Jason Elam, I’ve lost touch with the sports at my old educational institutions… UNTIL NOW!

Aloha Stadium Scoreboard

This year, all of the media hype and the need to keep up with reader interest got me watching again. It felt like old times… sort of. I could watch “my” team on TV, and get excited for them and mad at the refs (and ESPN sportscasters)… you know, all the good stuff! I even found myself holding my breath while watching recorded games for the second time. This Warrior team has done something for me that no other team has ever done… they’ve actually made re-runs something good to watch!

Welcoming the Warriors

Guess what?!? Somehow… my husband got his hands on a pair of tickets! On the 50-yard line! For the game with the Senior Walk! OMG! Okay, on the wrong side of the field, but who cares?!? I was there! I saw them up close and personal. I got to scream my head off again, just like I used to! They’re so awesome, they didn’t need any help from my vocals! They got some, but, as it turned out, they didn’t need it!


ESPN Truck with CameraThe Warriors, however, did not get as much from my vocals as I wanted them to. Our seats were great, but they were too great. We were too close and the Washington players and the ESPN film truck made us have to stand up to see. That would have been fine except for the pregnant woman behind us who asked us to sit down because she was pregnant and couldn’t stand up.

We couldn’t see and we couldn’t see the replay screen either because everyone else was standing up… because they couldn’t see! We finally gave up and left. We went home.

All was not lost, they came from being behind by three touchdowns to taking us down to the last seconds of the game. With only 44 seconds left in the game I was still screaming at the TV, “No, no, no!” I ended up screaming in my living room. It would have been slightly better at Vineyard Zippy’s where at least someone would have gotten the benefit of my screaming… but, we stayed at home.

Overpriced tickets, taxi fare, because the parking was full three hours before kick off, and we watched the game from home. Auwe! (Hawaiian for “Oh my!” or “Oh dear!” or “Alas!”) Auwe to Aloha Stadium for not making arrangements for people in those seats, and auwe to ESPN for not figuring out a better way to get their footage without hampering the ability of spectators to enjoy the game that they paid so dearly to see. The only thing in their favor was that they were not on the side of the home team. There was a little girl behind me who was heart broken and screaming even more than I was.

Of course all of this whining turns this post (one that I was so looking forward to writing) into a “Honolulu Rant” and it has been tagged as such.

Okay, aside from the idiotic stadium gaffes and a double auwe for ESPN whose time was too precious to keep filming long enough for us to see the Senior Walk, the game was exciting, tense and one heck of a game! I now get to lean on our local media darlings to please, please have the Senior Walk on tape so we will be able to see it! KGMB’s news room says they will show clips of it on the June Jones show tomorrow (Sunday) and on their news at 5 and 10:00 tomorrow evening.

I was so looking forward to that part of tonight’s festivities but it was not to be for us, not this time. But, that’s okay… my alma mater won! They should be receiving an invitation to a BCS bowl game. The announcement about the BCS bowl game will be made tomorrow at 3:00 at the Stan Sheriff Center at the University of Hawaii, Manoa.

As I’m typing this I can hear people who also must have been watching the game at home… they are setting off fireworks! Honolulu is one very happy place right now! We’re all so proud of these young men and the University so needed a generous addition to their income stream!

After All That, Sharing This Next Tidbit is Even More Gratifying!

Another thing I’ve grown to love is the personality of the Leahey and Leahey show! Jim and Kanoa Leahey are, together or apart, a lot of fun and I think they make a cute father and son team. Jim Leahey was on my wave length the other night with his “poem” at the end of their show on PBS last Wednesday and he called it a bachi poem (bachi is a Japanese word and is used kind of as a slang in this context to mean something similar to “what goes around, comes around”). He read his “Bachi Poem” where he said snickered,

It’s eleven down and one to go
Then it’s just lining up for the big show
The school receiving millions in spendable dough
While National attention continues to grow
Brennan is magic with every long throw
BCS pundits are dining on crow
Receivers remain cat quick, never slow
The defense has grown stalwart as we all know
So bring on the Huskies and any sled they tow
Let the rains come and the winds blow
Let the game have its usual ebb and flow
Chances are good, in the end, Hawaii is 12 and O.

Ha! Now I can laugh even harder! Congratulations to you, UH Warriors, and a huge mahalo to all of you for a very exciting and terrifying game! We have to thank the Washington Huskies as well for being a formidable opponent — it was they who made it terrifying!

The biggest mahalo is for our Warrior team, Coach June Jones included, for their shining example of teamwork and fraternal cohesion! I’m still touched and amazed at the degree of limelight sharing that goes on over there. I don’t know if I’m more proud of their winning record or their comradeship manner of accomplishing their wonderful season that is, “in the end, 12 and O!”

Checking back on this one! It’s 3:20 on Sunday afternoon and the announcement has just been made. The Warriors are going, baby! They are going to a BCS bowl game! Woo hoo! The University of Hawaii Warriors are going to New Orleans to play the Georgia Bulldogs in the Sugar Bowl on January 1, 2008. What a great way to start the New Year!

Are You Violent? Do You Break Things?

Hand breaking the wallOkay, maybe not violent… let’s just say destructive. I break everything. I’m rough on my clothes, my shoes, my hair, my nails, my dishes, my cookware, just about everything. If I have to carry it around, it’s in trouble! I was sort of given an option to say what computer-related item I would most like to have — a laptop or a camera.

Well, as much as a laptop costs, it would sure be nice to have one… especially if someone else buys it for you! But then, in my case, I’m too rough on things! The poor thing would never survive its intended life span. Even the camera I have now has a broken battery door… because I was too rough. I do love that little camera; I’m just not gentle enough I guess.

Okay, just hold that thought for a bit.

Most people who have been on MyBlogLog for a certain amount of time are familiar with Ilker Yoldas and the Thinking Blog. When I first started finding my way around the Blogosphere (a little less than a year ago), MyBlogLog was one of the first places I “fell” into and Ilker was one of the first of all the wonderful people I began talking to.

I watched her experiment with her avatars and create some interesting graphical designs and all kinds of interesting story lines that did just what her blog says… they made you THINK! All of a sudden, bless their hearts, this company must have seen her talent and had her assist them with re-designing their site and their logo — Ruff PC!


Whatever the circumstances were, and however they all connected, it sure sounds and looks like a winning combination to me! I love the logo and the play on words with ruff meaning a dog’s bark or ruff as in rough or rugged!

Ilker’s blog is celebrating its first birthday and the celebration is built around a contest… Ilker’s got quite an interesting one going with the assistance of these brilliant PC designers! This is her sample entry to the contest:

The Thinking Blog is holding a free laptop give away and to participate, you just have to write about it! Sponsored by Ruff PC, it is a brand new, rugged, water resistant laptop called RuffBook Tech with magnesium alloy casing built to survive under harsh conditions where ordinary laptops fail. So, this is my entry – now give me the laptop!

RuffBook Tech Laptop

When I first saw the picture of this darling machine, the first and only thought that came to my mind was, “It’s about time! Finally, a laptop that can take my abuse!”

Since we’ve just been talking about gift-giving around here, we might as well add this to the list of possible gifts! Even if you don’t want one yourself, you might win it and be able to give it to someone who does want one! Man, would someone love you forever! Then again, if you can afford it, you can buy one for yourself, or one for both of you!

All I have to say to both parties — Ilker and Ruff PC — nice work! Think I’ll add this to the shopping list.

So, this is my entry — now give me my laptop! So I can abuse it!

Let’s Go Christmas Shopping!

Christmas Wreath Hawaiian Style

Black Friday is over and for those who weren’t able to get to the malls either because you had to work, or because you were just burnt out from Thanksgiving the day before, or because you were anxiously awaiting that nail-biter of a football game between the UH Warriors and the Boise State Broncos, relax! It’s Cyber Monday… and cyber all week long!

The fact that you’re reading this at all is probably a good indicator that you may be one of those people, like me, who avoids the big shopping malls altogether and goes to specialty shops, shops at Ross, watches QVC, or just shops online… whenever possible!

Whatever the case, I’ve decided to make a little page with shopping ideas for you to do your Christmas shopping! Let me make this clear, I would NOT have a business listed here if I did not trust the products or services that these vendors provide and/or if I had not experienced them for myself before telling you how wonderful they are.

What follows below is the start of our Shopping Page. We will build on it as we are able. Happy shopping, or at least browsing! ๐Ÿ™‚

Christmas garlandHawaii vacation Gifts Logo

I can’t even begin to tell you about the variety of stuff that Hawaii Vacation Gifts sells. The scents are wonderful, the body products don’t cause itching or other skin irritations, and the customer service is “on it!”

HVG’s artistic creator has become a good blogging pal and I became a small customer of her products.I was lucky enough to receive a bit more than I ordered in my package so I know what I’m talking about. I have tried other similar products but have been left cold and unimpressed. There’s no unpleasant residual left behind from these products — neither in feel or in scent.

Go ahead and browse around the siteย and check out the products she has to offer! Everything from a bar of soap to an entire gift basket and more! Wait until you get to touch and smell her soy candles! They are clean and fragrant and they just feel good when you hold them! It’s weird, I know, but I like keeping them around just to smell them… without even burning them. They really do smell that good.

This is not the usual tourist keepsake place you find in Waikiki — this is the real thing! The products are designed and made here and not mass produced.

Visit Hawaii Vacation Gifts’ blog too!

Christmas Garland

Ninja Blog Setup Logo How about giving a Ninja for Christmas?

A thought went through my head while I was reading something by our next gift idea. This little guy will let you give a blog as a gift! As I was reading it suddenly dawned on me, “What an awesome gift!” As much as we bloggers love our blogs, I think we can all vouch that this would be something awesome to receive, especially for someone who loves to write but doesn’t have one yet!

Not only is this a great gift idea, it is extremely cost effective! In fact, they will do it all for free! All you need to do is sign up for hosting with one of their partner links. Hey, you would have to pay for that part anyway. The most effective way to tell you about this gift, is to get it straight from the horse’s mouth… excuse me, the Ninja’s mouth.

Here’s where I tell you the best part of this gift suggestion. I know and trust this vendor and have worked closely with him for nearly a year. This “Ninja” comes with my highest of recommendations! Interested? You’ve got to at least be curious! Read on!

Ninja Blog Setup

We setup and configure blogs. It’s our goal to provide professional WordPress blogs without you having to even think about all the technical details.

A step by step overview

  1. You fill out a simple form to give us the information we need to setup your blog
  2. A Ninja will begin your blog setup including:
    • creating a professional email address for your blog (eg.
    • testing your new email address
    • creating account for you so you can use the Akismet Spam protection plugin
    • creating a FeedBurner account for you so you can take advantage of FeedBurner stats with your RSS feed
    • installing WordPress on your hosting count and domain name
    • configure WordPress:
      • increase the size of the post writing box – makes writing posts much easier
      • setup search engine friendly URLs (permalinks) – more traffic
      • add a complete list of services to the ping list – tells various websites every time you write a story
      • install a robots.txt file – secures your WordPress admin pages from search engine spiders
      • create your user account within WordPress – so you have access to write and administer your site
      • delete the standard links (blogroll) that are included in WordPress
    • install and activate over 20 essential WordPress plugins ( see list of plugins )
    • setup an automatic WordPress database backup to be delivered weekly via email
    • install over 50 theme choices so you can easily change the look and feel of your site (see the themes)
  3. We’ll mail you all the details of your installation including a short roadmap of optional configurations that you may want to setup.
  4. You’ll receive a video guided tour of the WordPress administration area so you can easily learn your way around.

That’s it. From your point of view, you just fill out the form, and about 24 hours later, login and start blogging on a fully configured WordPress blog.

You can get started by signing up for hosting with one of our partner links:

Or if you already have hosting or would like to use a different company, you can contact us to inquire about rates and other options.

What did I tell you? Is that an awesome gift idea or what?

Christmas Garland

Not exactly what you had in mind? How about something a little simpler? How about a t-shirt, or several t-shirts… the kind with attitude! These are as homegrown as you’re going to find and you can’t get them in a regular store.I went looking for Pure Breed Clothing Company because I was so sure they actually had a store in Mapunapuna. I don’t know where I got that idea, ’cause they don’t.

Pure Breed Clothing Company

But, they do have a website. In addition, Henry, Christine and their three adorable children will be attending several shows and fairs between now and Christmas.

Pure Breed Family

Here’s the schedule that I have been made aware of:

  • 12-1 at Hilo High School fair
  • 12-2 at Castle High School fair
  • 12-8 at Moanalua High School fair
  • 12-8 also at Aiea Elementary School fair
  • 12-14 to 12-16 at gift fair at the Blaisdell Center

Go ahead and attend some craft fairs! While you’re there, look for the Pure Breed banner, pick up the perfect shirt to match that friend or family member with all that attitude, and cross a few more names off that list!

Christmas Garland

Electronic items always make good gifts! But, who do you trust? Where do you shop? I found one! I finally faced up to the fact that my computer needed more RAM or I wasn’t going to ever get out from under the software shutdown problems I was having.

The problem was that my computer is “old” by industry standards and, get this, they have stopped making the memory upgrades!

There were two companies online that had the memory that would fit and work in my computer. I couldn’t get through to a live body on the phone, but I was left with the option to have my call returned. Only one company, Edge Tech Corp, returned my call. Therefore, they got my business and my recommendation!

Their shipping was quick and the product has made me and my computer friends again. So, I list them here because they’ve got memory and they’ve got neat stuff too!

Their customer service was excellent and they have a lot of Cool Tech Gadgets and Free Shipping too!ย 


Edge Tech Corp has “all the tools needed to promote memory upgrades, digital media cards, flash memory devices, portable hard drives, and other technology gifts and gadgets.” In other words, they have toys in all price ranges!

  • Memory for desktops, laptops, printers, servers ($15 to $2,000+)
  • Digital Camera Flash Memory Cards ($15 – $190)
  • Digital Memory Card Readers ($20 to $35)
  • MP3 Players and Digital Music Accessories ($21 – $65)
  • Portable Hard Drives ($100 – $360)
  • USB Flash Drives ($18 – $190)
  • Technology Gifts and Gadgets ($40 – $230)

Christmas GarlandBringing the shopping back home again, we have to be sure and mention these worker bees! You guys know how I fell in love with these bees! I could not make a shopping list and fail to mention the glory of these honey makers for the Christmas holidays.

Honey with tea and crackers

Volcano Island Honey Company is a great place for gifts ideas and for the Christmas dinner table as well. Here we have the unusual gifts for the people who look at things a little differently than we do.

UH Warriors are 2007 WAC Champions!

100 Years of EducatingThe UH team members were excited and fired up for this game. You could see it in their body language and the degree of overdrive in their step! It wasn’t until the 2nd Half that they were able to put a little bit of a lid on it and get into their focused groove that we’ve all grown to love, admire and enjoy.

Davone Bess flipped, literally, into the end zone for a touch down and a rather painful un-sportsman like penalty. I guess you could call it a celebration penalty of sorts. Bess celebrated with a somersault over the goal line. There were a couple of times during the game that I was amused by the frivolousness thought that part of their practice must be for aerial gymnastics! ๐Ÿ™‚ That’s not to say that spectators don’t appreciate it. I personally think it adds to the excitement. The referees, however, disagree.

Colt broke the tie for the record of most touchdown passes that was held by Ty Detmer. With TD pass number 122, Colt surpassed the record and continued to add to it. Near the end of the game, Colt had the ESPN sportscasters singing his praises. In addition, both C.J. Hawthorne and Jason Rivers were also in great receiving form! Ryan Grice-Mullen didn’t seem to receive as much play as the others receivers but he also seemed to have a slight limp, which may have been the reason.

One of the highlights for me was listening to the ESPN sportscasters eat a little crow as the UH Warriors began to outshine Boise State. They had to do some serious CYA back peddling as the game neared its final minutes and the University of Hawaii Warriors sealed their 39 to 27 win over Boise State. For spectators like myself who were tuned into every word of these sportscasters, it was too late… the damage was done. They did try to cover up so maybe not everyone noticed the bias that went relatively unchecked during the first three quarters or so of the game.

This Warrior team has had to work very hard. They have had to work hard to remain undefeated and even harder to earn some kind of respect — respect that they really do deserve! Congratulations to the Warrior football team for a job well done!

Deadline Reminder: Carnival of Aloha, Chapter 4!

Aloha Tower viewed from Pacific Guardian CenterThis is the one-week reminder and a message to readers. The deadline for submissions for the Carnival of Aloha is next Wednesday, November 28th. If you have a story about Hawaii because you live here, or some adventure to share from the last time you were here visiting, submit it and share your story with us!

When the Carnival of Aloha first started out, I never imagined that it would accomplish as much as has. This is only the 4th Chapter we’re about to publish on Monday, December 3rd, but it has already brought many of us together. A lot of us have met bloggers we never even knew existed! We have been shown things that we didn’t know about or never fully understood. I’m speaking for myself here.

I have been moved many times by both the submissions and the reactions of our readers. We’ve all made new friends. I have heard other comments from others as well but I will let our bloggers and readers share them with you themselves in the comments, if they don’t mind.

I’m always excited to see what bloggers will send in and we have been very fortunate to receive some really neat and fun stuff! I’m very grateful that we have all been able to share and enjoy each others fun times and great stories. I guess what I’m trying to say is, to participants and readers…

~ Happy Thanksgiving! ~

I give thanks for all of you, and the blogosphere as a whole, every day! Thanks you guys! Much love and aloha to everyone and please have a very safe and very happy Thanksgiving! Don’t eat tooooo much! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Don’t forget your submissions!

The Ghosts are in the Bones

Kumu Kahua logoThere’s an old State building on the corner of Merchant and Bethel Streets in downtown Honolulu. I walk past it all the time. I never really knew there was a functioning little theater in there! The building is just there and usually looks abandoned, like a lot of old State buildings. These buildings are not really abandoned but their age and lack of any visual activity around them gives the impression that they are.

There’s even a… a dispossessed person (that’s my kind word for the day) who spends a lot of time in the back corner between this theater-harboring, State building and the relatively-newer Bank of Hawaii parking structure.

Anyway, Kumu Kahua Theater is inside this quiet little building and has been having performances for quite some time. So, why did I choose this play? Well, once I found out about Kumu Kahua Theater, I’ve been wanting to go see some of the stuff that goes on there. I’m not sure how the subject came up but while talking to a fellow blogger who hangs her keyboard on the Leeward side of the island, she mentioned that she not only frequents the productions at Kumu Kahua Theater, but she was also familiar with this particular playwright’s work.

Great! I’ll get tickets to Ola Na Iwi (The Bones Live) so we can go too! It’s about what? Bones? Graveyards? Regular readers know how I love graveyards! So I get to finally meet an online friend and see a play about cemeteries! Perfect!

This is great! I’ve been trying to find a way to meet up with Skeet since… April or May, I think. Maybe longer. Then I get to see a play about Hawaiian graves and stuff! Uh, well, that’s not it exactly. Read on…

Me, Skeet and Dusty Flint I was excited to finally meet Skeet and I was certainly not disappointed. On the contrary, while I expected her to be somewhat nonchalant about our meeting, I later told my mother that I couldn’t tell which one of us was the most excited! Skeet’s a more seasoned blogger than I am, and anyone who reads her stuff at Skeet’s Stuff gets a kick out of it! She blogged about our play adventure quickly afterwards. I have been slowed down for a few reasons, which I will tell you guys about later, I promise.

So, that part went well! Skeet is as bubbly and fun-loving as the “voice” in her blog. She’s vivacious and excited about the functions and opportunities that appeal to her internal scribe. Along with Skeet we got to meet her friend, nicknamed Dusty Flint, who shares many of Skeet’s passions. Dusty Flint (I’m guessing she quit smoking and that’s why her flint is dusty but I’m not sure) seemed as knee-deep in the passion of literary art forms as Skeet did.

Skeet and my mother hit it off quickly and Dusty Flint, to Mom’s delight, is an opera fan! We’re doing really well here. Skeet did a short write-up and put up a picture on her blog. Mine didn’t come out so well, but, I’ll include it anyway just to say I did.

We had so much to talk about, but at some point we had to stop talking to each other because the play was about to start! I have to admit, the play was confusing to me because there were so many parts that I kept trying to piece together — trying to link them the way you do when you read a novel. I kept trying to find the connection between the scenes. The reality was that they had nothing, yes I said nothing, to do with each other. The disassociated parts were inserts with a connection to the past that actually explained a lot of the “Why?” that was going on in the play.

Here’s an insert of my own. This familiar piece of art below is a lithograph of the 1824 painting by artist John Hayter, of Chief Boki, governor of Oahu, and his wife Liliha, who later succeeded him as governor of Oahu. This art work is owned by the Honolulu Academy of Arts.Boki and Liliha

In Ola Na Iwi, we are led to deduce that the spirit of Liliha lives in the bones that were illegally “rescued” from a museum in Germany by a young Hawaiian girl who, while visiting with a theater group, couldn’t bear the thought of leaving them behind when she returned home to Hawaii. So, while it wasn’t exactly cemetery stuff, we’ve got us a ghost! Liliha is part of the play! She’s smart too — she assumes a different name, Nanea, to manipulate the other characters into helping her achieve her goal — to come home where she belongs, and ultimately rest in peace.

Why were the bones so far away? How did they get there? Here’s where one of those disassociated scenes come in handy and explains, in a nutshell, that it was the anthropologists who took them many years before.ย  Grave robbers were paid to get these bones and turn them over to the scientists who then took them elsewhere for scientific study.

It was also one of those out-of-context, disassociated scenes that made me want to slap one of the characters as he spoke of the primitive shape of the… pacific islander’s skull. I say pacific islander for lack of a better word and for lack of a better memory — but you get the message.

At some point I found my internal voice saying things like, “Yes, change the scene please. I don’t want to listen to those idiots anymore!” Obviously the play was working on me (albeit not as the playwright had intended)… working on me and getting my emotions involved. Now that I think about it, what we were actually seeing was a tongue-in-cheek peak at historic anthropology.

The play’s director, Sammie Choy, said it best in her portion of the play’s write-up when she talks about both the aspect of “cultural memory” and playwright, Victoria Nalani Kneubuhl’s thoughtful ability to take these seemingly separate scenes and treat them with equal amounts of understanding for both the native Hawaiians, and for the 19th century anthropologists. Choy writes that the anthropologists, as abominable as it is to us now, felt that “scientific advancement was a rationale for grave desecration.” After I had a chance to put it all in perspective, I understand what Kneubuhl was trying to accomplish.

Kumu Kahua Theater has a newsletter that explains all of these things. Had I read the issue with the synopsis and the essays by others about this play, I would have known what it was I was watching. But, then again, wouldn’t that have spoiled it? I don’t know. If I had read it ahead of time, my intellect might have been more involved with my experience of the play rather than my emotions.

If I hadn’t already been feeling that emotional impact, perhaps the closing monologue by Liliha, the spirit member of the cast portrayed by cast member, Mane, would not have been as capable of bringing me to tears. I already felt anger so the pain and subsequent restitution experienced by the wronged spirit of Chiefess Liliha was no problem for me to assume and digest.

Worth seeing? Absolutely. Advice? Read the newsletter so you know what it is you’re watching! You won’t spoil the story, so don’t worry. What it will do is help you to understand and appreciate the humor in it a little more.

One more tip: bring a napkin or tissue, just in case you need it. In a short little essay, Justina Mattos calls Ola Na Iwi a postmodernist look at science and culture. I have to agree. Mattos also quotes a portion of the closing monologue that we get from our ghost, the spirit of Liliha, which wraps it all up nicely and brings us emotional people to tears as it brings Liliha home. The part of that monologue that gets me even now:

“Lay me there on a bed of green ferns, of palapalai and laua’e, and maybe a bit of maile you found along the way. Hide the resting place with rocks and branches, hide it so only the birds know where I am, and then leave me. Leave me in the breathing, beating heart of my beloved ‘aina.”

The play continues through December 2nd. Check out the schedule of performances here.

Kumu Kahua Theater
46 Merchant Street
Honolulu, HI 96813
Phone: 808-536-4441

What’s on Your Desktop?

One of my blogging pals and a Cre8Buzz comrade decided to tag me with this a while ago. I never did anything about it except save the screen print of my desktop. So this WornOutWoman and friend went a little “Screen Shot Crazy” and enlisted me to be one of the next in line to display my weirdness (quirkiness, whatever).

She was expecting to see an ocean shot or some beach and surf scenery. Sorry, my friend! I’m afraid the Sprite gets first dibs on the desktop.

The Sprite on My Desktop

I was wondering who else I could tag with this that would appreciate it for one reason or another and I thought Skeet at Skeet’s Stuff would have fun and be creative with it, Lynn at Auntie Pupule’s would come up with something we would never think of and make us giggle, and Carole at the San Diego Beat needs a little bit of quick fun in the middle of life’s bumpy roads. Have fun with it you guys, or, if you’re so inclined, do nothing at all! ๐Ÿ™‚

Anybody else want to share what’s on your desktop? Please do and leave then link in the comments so we can go see!

NOTE: If you left a comment and it’s not here, please do leave it again!ย  We had a little bit of background work going on so we may have lost it.ย  I apologize and really want everyone to share! I know I have one I need to go find again!

Following the Warriors

Oh the lump in my throat a few hours ago! The radio broadcast went something like this: “This is unconfirmed,” they said during theย  broadcast of the University of Hawaii Warriors football game against Fresno State,” but Colt Brennan has suffered a third degree concussion and will not be back, and will probably not play next week.” Okay, I may not have said it verbatim but it was very close to exactly that!

My husband, the eternal optimist, looks at me like I’m crazy and says, “He’ll be fine.” See, it doesn’t matter what’s wrong with you, my husband will always tell you that “you’ll be fine.” Irritating as hell! But, as it turned out, it was indeed a mild concussion, not a third-degree concussion, and Colt could even play tomorrow, if there was a game. The media spoke to Warrior Coach June Jones about Colt. “If you play football, he said, you’re going to have concussions. I just talked to him. He’s ready to play right now.”

It was near the end of the game and ESPN, who could have been showing the whole game live (grrrr!), showed the clip of the hit that knocked Brennan out of commission for the rest of the game. It was a nasty hit he took — one that “felt” like his head could have come off his shoulders! I’m sure we’ll see it several more times but it was pretty ugly so the media’s initial prognosis was an easy sell.

Anyway, Colt’s head is still attached and his neck is not broken. “He’ll be fine.” So, I give Colt an “A+” for effort and I give myself, and Brennan’s team mates, a placeboic tranquilizer. Chill! He did suffer from a concussion but he has been cleared for air travel for next week’s game. For those who think I’ve lost it, a related ESPN article reported that when Colt hit the turf, face-down and not moving, “trainers from both teams came to his aid. The near-sellout crowd drew silent and teammates prayed on one knee as the game was halted for about five minutes. Brennan eventually stood up, wincing in pain and was helped off the field into the locker room.”

There’s just something about this young man that has endeared him to the hearts of many! In the final minutes of the game, the Warriors were clearly shaken. Through it all, the Warriors came away with a 37-30 win, their 9th win of the season. When asked about the incident, Ryan Grice-Mullen, who has now surpassed 1,000 yards receiving, said that, “He showed a lot of heart by getting to his feet because we all knew he was out of it.”

Last night Colt tied records, currently held by Ty Detmer since 1991, and would most certainly have broken them if he had not had the wind knocked out of him! Of course, if O'Brien Award - Register and vote for our quarterback for The O'Brien National Quarterback Awardyou wanted to dissect things, it has only taken Brennan 34 games to reach this mark. It took 46 games for the current record holder to set this long-standing record. This is definitely a candidate for many things! So, go ahead and vote for all the awards you can get your hands on!

In addition, ESPN has a place to vote for the Heisman candidate of your choice! If you haven’t been there yet, you really should go! I think our voices will be hard to ignore if we’re “loud” enough. I have to admit to being continuously frustrated by the lack of attention and media coverage the sports “experts” are giving to Brennan compared to what they give the other Heisman candidates. Colt’s stats may be better but he’s got more than just stats to lift him above the rest. He’s “real,” he has a lot of heart and he’s a model for overcoming adversity.

NaNoWriMo is Moving Right Along…

Nano 2007 Participant Logo…without me! Arrrghhh! I’m trying, but life, as usual, is getting in the way. But that’s okay because I am still reading Chris Baty’s book and gathering insights. While I read and focus on the idea of creative writing (which is exactly what this novel-in-a-month thing is all about) I’ve started to remember things that I used to think about a long time ago.

While I may not make it to the 50,000 word mark, I’m still going on the journey to learn, absorb and share with my readers here. Time may not always be available for me to get through it all this year, but the passion always will be!

Most importantly, I’ll continue to be a cheerleader for and a supporter of the other crazy Wrimos out there! If you guys want to scream, feel free to do so here any time you want! Misery loves company you know. ๐Ÿ™‚

There are already a lot of places set up for screaming and other related activities — like the National Novel Writing Month website, where you can still go and sign up! It’s not too late! I had to chuckle when I was reading the FAQ. One of the questions was about the deadline for signing up. The answer? November 30th at 11:59 pm! Yes, there is a definite sense of humor to it all. With a deadline like that and a task like this one, you need a sense of humor.

Here’s a thought for writers — one that came out of my head from a place that’s been dormant for a very long time (this would be especially useful for students):

  • Making yourself cry while you write (over something other than a deadline) is usually enough to guarantee an โ€œA!โ€ You do need to write it in good English though. My point is that if you can inflict that kind of passion on your readers, youโ€™ve got it made!

Part of what you write is either coming from your own passion or from what your mind tells you will rock your readers! Trust you instincts and just go with it!

Hint: You know youโ€™ve done a good job when one of your professors invites you to coffee a semester later.

Hint No. 2: Cordially decline.

As a young reader, I always found it disturbing that writers like Stephen King and Dean Koontz could write the things that they do. Actually, I still do find it a bit disturbing. They have got to be at least a little demented. But then again, aren’t we all? The terror in the works of Dean Koontz is that he makes you believe his stories could actually happen. Gulp! Creepy stuff! Koontz, in my opinion, blows King out of the water! Just my opinion. I think they haven’t made movies out of his stuff because it would either be too gruesome or too expensive, or both.

Many of us really do love good literature. We love to hear about it, we love to read it and we love to write it. NaNoWriMo is a good way to get around the procrastination bug that a lot of us suffer from. “Yeah, I’ll do it.” “I’ll get around to it later.” “Next week I’ll have some time.” Let’s face it, 50,000 is a heck of a lot of words. But, people have done it! There are gatherings (or write-ins as they’re called) going on, and/or being scheduled, in Honolulu and all over the country as we speak.

So, now you have the knowledge that it can be done… if you want to do it bad enough. The good part is knowing you have people to cheer you on or join in on your drama! What else could you possibly need? ๐Ÿ™‚

Honolulu’s Mass Transit Rail

Honolulu’s Mayor is holding the 2nd Annual Transit Symposium. This symposium is scheduled for Tuesday, November 13, 2007 from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm at the Blaisdell Exhibition Hall in the Pikake Room. This is certainly a way for citizens to see the real impact of this rather unpopular project, and to ask questions of some experts.

Mass Transit Rail System

Is this what it will look like? Will there be drawings of what they’re envisioning for us? Is it worth the expense? Are we giving up too much of our skyline for this? Yes, we need help with the traffic situation, but will people actually use the darn thing?

Mayor Mufi Hannemann is excited about this event and the City and County of Honolulu’s Public Communications Division quotes the mayor saying, “There is much that we can learn from these cities about what works and what doesn’t.” It is very important that we avoid what doesn’t work! I also think the mayor is trying to get others excited about this project too. You can’t blame him for that I suppose.

I’m trying to be fair about this thing. There are places that have good things to report like this award-winning one in Arkansas as reported by Scientific Frontline. When they say things like, “Planning study shows how light rail development in Northwest Arkansas could maintain economic competitiveness and spur environmental sustainability,” how can we not be at least a little inquisitive? (Mahalo to the Voxant Newsroom for that tidbit.)

The symposium will have leaders from Los Angeles, Vancouver, San Francisco and Denver in attendance. These are people who have reportedly developed fixed guideway transit systems and created transit oriented development in their own cities. I won’t be able to be there, darn it! I hope there will be a lot of coverage because, what we thought would just go away as a bad idea, looks like it’s here to stay. We might as well get used to it. To be continued…