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*Crash!* We’re Bursting into November!

Hawaiian Airlines was awarded $80 million and Mesa Air Group, the owner of Go! Airlines must pay up! The bankruptcy judge was obviously no admirer of Mesa Air Group’s cutthroat tactics. Hawaiian wanted $120 million but I’m sure they’re just as happy with what they got! I, for one, appreciate the message sent by this decision: we don’t like ugly business practices and we won’t tolerate it!

Aloha Airlines is also going to take legal action against Mesa some time in the spring. They have different issues than those of Hawaiian Airlines, but there are issues nonetheless.

I know, I know, the airfares are going to go back up and the airlines need someone to keep them honest, etc. BUT, that’s okay… the Hawaii Superferry is back in business as of earlier today and they will give them that competition! The Hawaii Legislature voted 39 to 11 to pass a bill that will let the Alakai run while the environmental study is in progress. Of course that bill will now go to Governor Lingle for approval but I think we all know it’s a done deal!

At least with the Alakai, we get a company with a little more respect for the law and more open lines of communication. They’re not out to undermine their competition, they’re just trying to make a living and provide some jobs for Hawaii residents in the process. After a two-month delay, the Hawaii Superferry is back in the water and their management says they should be running again in another couple of weeks — another November event!

No Plot?  No Problem! Book Did I tell you I’m writing a novel? In November? Tick, tock… tick, tock… tick, tock… *Gasp!* The writing frenzy that is NaNoWriMo begins at 12:01 am… in just a little less than two hours. I’ll keep you guys posted on the progress throughout the month. Maybe once a week or something I will try to share some of the chuckles as we move through November. It’s going to be a busy month!

I can’t wait to share some of Chris Baty’s wisdom. This book makes me smile and has even made me laugh out loud. So far so good! 🙂  Did I mention that Borders in Ward Center said they had five copies coming in?  If you need or want to get one, you might wanna get down there and put one on hold, or grab one off the shelf quickly if they’ve come in already! Otherwise, click on the book pictured above; Amazon is very good about getting things to us in the mail these days!

Um, I… I Won a Photo Contest?

I first heard about GorillaSushi’s photo contest on and thought, “Oh well, why not?” I figured my chances were slim to none but I would enjoy seeing other people’s photos in the process and it would give me a lead in to talk about some of the things these pictures represent.

These were the words given to match with a picture.

  1. The Funk
  2. Preparation
  3. Battle
  4. Polka Dots
  5. Abandoned
  6. Creepy
  7. Quiet Place
  8. Retro
  9. Crowded

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Congratulations, Compliments and an Overdue Correction

UH Logo

Congratulations to the University of Hawaii Warriors on their win this past Saturday evening! Homecoming is always better when you win!  We’ve got another bye next week and after that we’ve got four games left.

  • November 10, 2007 – Fresno State (at home)
  • November 16, 2007 – Nevada (at Nevada) ESPN2
  • November 26, 2007 – Boise State (at home) ESPN2
  • December 1, 2007 – Washington (at home) ESPN or ESPN2

I’m excited about their winning streak and I really believe they can make a clean sweep of this season. They are still extremely supportive of each other out there and the stats are piling up for several of the players. Many of the stats that Colt Brennan is carrying have become the numbers to beat, or they soon will be! This season has already become a remarkable one worth celebrating!

So what’s the correction? I have to send out huge apologies to Ryan Grice-Mullen for mis-spelling his name recently on my post about the bye last week. The worst part? I checked it and double-checked it. The Star-Bulletin would know the correct spelling. There’s no way they would spell it wrong! Right? Wrong. Sorry Ryan. The correction has been made.

Going forward, I will take all spellings of athletes’ names directly from the UH website, I promise. Ryan, I cannot apologize enough! I think I’ll do a post about you just to make up for it. Besides, you’re a junior and I get to talk about you all of next year! Hooray! Um, don’t transfer anywhere, okay?!?

Updates and a Noteworthy November!

Things may be looking up for the Superferry but we won’t know until the special session of the Senate, in process right now, finishes the review of the Bill to see if it should be amended. The Senate went through eight hours of discussion yesterday and will continue this morning.
Superferry cruising around Oahu

The big question is whether the Superferry should be allowed to operate while the Environmental Impact Study (EIS) is being conducted. They are looking at letting the Superferry operate but with specific conditions. Everyone is looking for fairness and compromise. We’ll see what happens. Maybe they’ll kick off with a back-in-service run on November 1st! 🙂

For those involved in ocean activities, horticulture, hunting, or other evening or lunar-driven activities, the moon is full today! It’s also bigger this month because it’s physically closer to Earth. It’s such a pretty site and a perfect time to take that darling of yours out on a moonlit date!

Just a reminder for those planning to submit a post for the Carnival of Aloha, the deadline for the next Carnival is next week Wednesday, October 31st! The Carnival will go live on the following Monday, November 5th. While you’re thinking about it, you might want to send your link in here so you don’t forget. 🙂

The 4th Annual Girl Fest Hawaii will run from November 9th to the 18th! What is it? It’s all about, “Preventing violence against women and girls through education and art.” Girl Fest is sponsored by the Safe Zone Foundation whose mission is to, “create educational multimedia projects and policy change initiatives that benefit the community in order to create a safe, sustainable and peaceful environment for all by using media, art, advocacy and education to influence policy, social consciousness and behavior.” If you follow the link you can download the whole schedule of daytime and evening activities!

Guess what? I’m going to write a novel in November. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do. Didn’t you always want to write a book? I think a lot of people at some time in their life have thought they wanted to write a novel. Am I crazy?!? You bet! But, so are several hundred other Hawaii residents! Wanna write a book? National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) is here! No matter where you are, if your fingers are twitching while reading this, go sign up! There are college students, working people, anyone, anywhere!

At midnight on October 31st (12:01 on November 1st to be exact), thousands of people across the country, and the World, will put their fingers to their keyboards, or pen to paper, and start tapping away! The goal? Writing 50,000 words over the span of a month. All of this will be done with reckless abandon, all the time hoping for a masterpiece, or at least the start of something promising!

I had never even heard of this thing, but this is the ninth year! Many of the writers are repeat offenders. A lot, like me, are brand new to this creative, literary insanity! Terrifying excitement! A time to let your creative juices run wild — any topic, any age, any language, any thing.

Write-ins are being planned at various locations where participants will converge on Borders, Starbucks, or any place with a lot of coffee, and just write. I think that even the University of Hawaii’s library system may end up hosting a few. Like I said, it’s a Noteworthy November!

Staying in the Pink

Pink Breast Cancer RibbonAre you in the red again this month? Did you manage to keep it in the black?!? This always seems to be our usual focus — coming out financially ahead of things. What about our health? Do the men go for their physicals? Check your prostates when you’re supposed to? Ladies, when was your last mammogram?

In October, that is the question of the month. How’s your plan? Did you do your monthly self-exam? Did you check with radiology for your next annual mammogram appointment? Are you aware that October is Breast Health Month? We need to stay in the Pink and be ever vigilant to man ourselves against this potentially life-threatening monster we call breast cancer.

As the sun rose over Honolulu this morning, I couldn’t help but notice how the clouds were… uh, pink!

Honolulu's Pink Morning Sky

What was I doing outside that early on a Sunday morning? Today, the Susan G. Komen Foundation had its Race for the Cure event in Honolulu.

Komen Race for the Cure T-ShirtKapiolani Park was covered with volunteers for the Foundation and participants for the 5K run and the 1-mile walk. There were over 7,000 participants in the run/walk this morning.

The corporate sponsors were there with their staff members who volunteered their personal time for this event.  There are events like this across the nation and across the globe.  I wish this thing was not so well known but it’s fortunate that we are aware and keeping vigil.  While medical science has made strides in cancer treatments and early detection, it’s still not full proof and it’s still not enough.

Komen Sponsors and Participants

The strength and courage of the survivors were recognized today, and people enjoyed a community event that spread the aloha for a very good and much-needed cause! Funds go to support breast cancer awareness, programs and breast cancer research.

The Internet and the blogosphere are not without their share of waging war against breast cancer this month!

Breast Cancer Awareness on the Web
The one that came to my attention this month is the Super Work at Home Mom (Super WAHM) blog.  This work at home mom has taken it and turned it into a contest… a Pink Contest! In addition, this super cyber mom is going to let it run through November 16th! That way, those of us who have fallen behind this month, can catch up. So, ladies, go ahead and visit and get in some entries… as many as you can!

We have a lot of things on our minds and we’re all busy, but you can’t do anything on your agenda or help anyone else if you’re not here.  Just make sure you put YOU on the agenda too.  In short, do try to stay out of the red, but make sure you stay in the Pink! “The best protection is early detection!”

No Game Today, But We’re Still Talking

I don’t remember a UH team being so… appealing to its fans. There’s just something above and beyond their athletic talent. I think the viscidity of this team is probably the one thing that endears them the most! They’ve got this whole mutual-support and admiration thing going on.

While Colt has certainly developed a little fan club at my house, as well as across the State of Hawaii, I have recently brought more of the Warriors into my own little admiration radar. See, most normal people and sports fans look at stats, I look at off-the-wall things and who the people are that stand behind those stats. (I never said I was normal.) I have to give June Jones credit for doing a little bit of the same… in a way. I think the Coach is looking for talent, heart and real people.

Colt Brennan display at home

In addition to Colt, I need to add the following to my list of admired team members (for a variety of reasons):

  • Ryan Grice-Mullins Grice-Mullen
  • Davone Bess
  • Dan Kelly
  • Jason Rivers
  • C.J. Hawthorne

I know I need to add to this list but I can’t always remember the names of the ones that cause a blip on my internal radar. This is my on-going project. I’m working on it! 🙂

The game last weekend was a scary one! It was rainy and muddy but they still managed to pull it off with a 42 to 35 win over San Jose State! Coach Jones commented on a news interview after the game that it was surprising to see a field like that at a Division 1 school. Apparently the San Jose State players were used to it because their uniforms were nowhere near as slopped up as those of the Warriors.

Little tidbits I found interesting:

  • Colt has now achieved 125 touchdowns and has officially broken Ty Detmer’s record
  • The 7 – 0 record the Warriors now hold is theirs for the first time since 1981
  • Colt passed the ball 75 times in the game and this was a school record

One of the ESPN News casters said, “Even when he’s down, this Colt is kicking.” Nice analogy. I’ll just call him the comeback quarterback. Sloppy mud is hard to run in, never mind trying to hold on to a football! That had to be difficult for both the quarterback and his receivers! Sheesh! It was a good game with an exciting finish! Nice job guys!

Make good use of the weekend off — you’ve earned it but you’ve still got a ways to go! Next week is Home Coming! The last alert I saw was that there were less than 4,000 seats left. Woo hoo! This is gonna be a good one with a lot of fan support! Count on it! You can count on us all to keep talking too!

Senators and Governor Lingle Need to Keep it Real!

Passing by Pier 19 the other day, while on foot, I couldn’t help but stop and gaze at that boat with the pretty paint job. I felt sorry for it just sitting there looking forlorn and dejected. It got here with all the fan fare and excitement of something new and suddenly it’s all but abandoned.

Hawaii Superferry sits at the dock in Honolulu.

I was going to ignore it and not talk about it but now it’s heading back into the headlines as the Senate has approved a special session that may have Senators agreeing to allow the Superferry to resume operation while the environmental assessment is underway. That may sound wonderful for the Superferry but it’s not to be without regulations and restrictions. The complaints heard the loudest included the protection of the ocean mammals, and the setting up a firewall (for lack of a better word) to prevent the inter-island transfer of invasive species. Of course I don’t know how the Superferry would deal with the latter, but we’ll see. Read the rest of this entry »

Sushi-Eating Gorilla Runs Photo Contest

The GorillaSushi Photo Scavenger Hunt Smack Down

What am I Thinking?

I don’t know what made me fall prey to this call-out but I like the idea of taking pictures of things around Honolulu for no other reason than to talk about them — even if that mean talking about them within the context of the contest. Once the competition is over, I will share the photos here.

For now, anyone who wants to play along with this can go check out “The GorillaSushi Photo Scavenger Hunt Smack Down!”

While the setting of the contest and the personality of the Gorilla running it are not exactly genteel for the more delicate crowd, it looks like fun and allows for some creativity! We need a little artistic fun around here! Did I just insult the contest host? Uh, I doubt it. I didn’t mean to, but even if I had, anyone who ends their contest announcement by saying, ” Thanks and good luck, suckas!” will get over it I’m sure. 🙂

Now, I know most if not all of us are familiar with sushi and its various forms, but the one question that comes to mind is, “What is Gorilla Sushi?” Fortunately for us nosy people, Jason (the Gorilla) answers that question for us and you can find the answer here. Just don’t ask me to define the words the photos are supposed to illustrate.  I’m still working on that part myself! The deadline for photo submissions is October 28th, so hurry!

Found Me a Sweet Honey to Bee with Me!

Busy HoneyBee

This was one of those great moments when an irresistible picture presents itself. All else must stop when you see it happen and you have a camera to capture the moment! I took this picture a few months ago and figured I would eventually find a way to use it. It never occurred to me that there would be something so very appropriate for this simple “Kodak moment!” Has this little guy got his head in the sand? Oh no, on the contrary, this is one very industrious and hard-at-work little insect!

While looking for a collection of Hawaii-related stories in a little shop the other day, I found something that peaked my curiosity. On a different shelf of unrelated items, some little jars caught my attention. The label said, “rare, Hawaiian, organic, white honey.” Huh? All kinds of questions popped into my head. Why is it white? Another industry to replace sugar cane? Why isn’t this in the grocery store?

Bottles of Hawaiian Honey

When faced with all of these questions and an industry that I never even thought about, I had to be niele (that means nosy in Hawaiian) and find out more about it, of course! I had to have a jar of this stuff! So, I left the little shop with my new book and a jar of honey. What a combo!

When I got home to my computer I wasted quite a bit of time looking for stuff.  Then it dawned on me to go directly to the source. Duh! (I did that once with Norbest turkeys. Do you guys know that those turkeys are white too?!?) Anyway, on just one of those little 8 oz jars of honey there is an abundance of information, not the least of which is a web address!

Volcano Island Honey Company is located on the Big Island of Hawaii and their website has an abundance of information about our tropical honey for all of you little niele honeys out there. While we’re building our Hawaiian vocabulary, how do we say “honey” in Hawaiian? “Wai meli.”  What’s the literal meaning? Bee liquor. I love that!

Once I was able to drag myself away from the computer, I had to try the little delicacy I purchased, so I did. I can’t even begin to describe it and all of theHoney with tea and creme crackers! thoughts that went through my mind. The biggest thought? “What have they done to the honey we buy in the store?” Seriously, that’s the first thing that went through my mind! (Apparently I’m not the only one to have had difficulty describing the taste! Scroll down until you see the paragraph on “Taste.”)

The honey in the regular grocery stores is different. It’s sticky, it’s processed, it’s messy, it’s… it’s just not right! The honey from Volcano Island Honey Company is smooth, it doesn’t run, it tastes like sugar (without the aftertaste), it’s spreadable, it dissolves, it’s just, well, it’s just good! It actually becomes part of what you put it in — it enhances the flavor without taking it over. The list of ingredients says, “Pure Raw Organic Hawaiian Honey.” Hmmm…

Raw is not usually a word that most of us like to see when associated with a food product. Until now. If the honey is left too long in the comb it crystallizes and has to be heated to extract the honey. What happens? The taste, the color and the texture of the honey are altered! So, raw honey is actually something a real honey connoisseur will be seeking, if they know what they’re doing!

Did you know that honey will taste different if the bees harvest nectar from different flowers? Who would have thought? I didn’t see all of those different honeys offered by Volcano Island Honey while I was in the store where I bought mine. Some of them are seasonal. I have my eye on one of them and I will talk about that, and why, in a later post… once I get my hands on some!  I promise.

Then I wondered if there was more to learn or see. Oh boy, was there more! Certainly more than I can even begin to cover here! Check out the process for making the honey!  And all of this wonderful stuff is the result of, and nested in, keawe trees? These are the trees that supply the wood we use to barbecue food over! They’re certainly nothing to look at, but, I guess now we know why it’s the wood of choice for making food taste good! Apparently the bees agree with us.

Okay, we’ve got all of this knowledge but the website wasn’t finished there. We’re going for more than just a treat for Thanksgiving; we’re going for some Christmas giving as well! Here’s a rather different treasure trove of Hawaiian gifts for us to contemplate. Talk about “Made in Hawaii!”

I have to share this one little story.  For the record, I did try to find out if the moon has anything to do with honey harvesting or its production.  I couldn’t find anything directly related to the bees but, in the process of looking for any lunar impact, I did stumble on something interesting.

In 1984 honeybees became little astronauts aboard the space shuttle! Seriously! As part of an experiment, the bees actually managed to build a honeycomb in space… and with no gravity! That was all I was able to find in the way of any direct celestial involvement, but I thought it was pretty cool.

The only question now is to figure out which item holds more fascination for me — the jar of honey made by the bees or their website? Our Big Island residents get to go see these honeybees at work! I’m so jealous! I’m telling you, all of this makes a person look at bees in a whole different light! Yeah, yeah, I know, buy a ticket. An airline ticket. 😉 Until then, I’ve got my honey to bee with me!

Volcano Island Honey Company, LLC
46-4013 Puano Road
Honokaa, HI 96727
Phone: 808-775-1000
Toll Free: 1-888-663-6639

The Other Petland

It was quite some time ago that I was complaining about losing the Petland in Ala Moana Shopping Center so I thought we were more than overdue for a follow-up. No, it’s not reopening. We’re just going to follow up with the other Petland, Kahala Petland.

Petland Kahala Sign

I was pleasantly surprised when I walked into this store. It sure seems to have the pet supply thing more than under control. In all fairness, I had never been to this location but I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the inside!

Inside Petland Kahala

There are lots of products, and a lot of knowledge can be seen by what’s on the shelves! Products for cats, dogs, birds, fish, grooming, cages and Products purchase at Petland Kahalaall kinds of things cover the place from wall to wall!

So, if you remember our original story when we talked about the Ala Moana store closing its doors and leaving us, you can see that Ducky (Ducky is the smug one in the picture in this previous article) had a thing or two to say about it as well.

Well, The Duck decided that she should have her picture on the Internet again so she thought we should follow up on the story.

Since we do love her and all the babies very dearly, how could I not give her another opportunity to be a star? She thinks she’s “all that” so how could I refuse to let her show herself off again?

Of course, if you look at her expression you can clearly see that this was not what she had in mind!

Ducky taking a bath

Yeah, if looks could kill! I could just see her little mind thinking, “You do know that this is not what I meant, right?!?” Yeah, well, sorry Ducky. You needed a bath.

Shaniya took a bath too

This is Shaniya, and she needed a bath too. It’s okay, don’t worry, they’re all dry and fluffy now, running through the house (especially away from me!) and smelling very sweet!

Petland in Kahala is doing just fine too! This is the place with the Sunday puppy swap meets where breeders bring pure breed puppies for people looking for a new family member. Like their commercial says, they’re “your best friend’s best friend.”

Petland Kahala, 4400 Kalanianaole Hwy., Honolulu, HI  96821 (808)734-7387.