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Carnival of Aloha, Chapter 2!

King Kamehameha's statue decked in leis

This is just a post to remind bloggers that the next “chapter” of the Carnival of Aloha is scheduled to be published on October 1st. The deadline for submissions is September 26th. The guidelines for posts are here. Submit your favorite blog post or article about Hawaii for the next issue using our carnival submission form. It’s easy and all you need is the address of your post and the desire to participate!

Our first Carnival was a blast and I thought it went very well! Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page. In a few months we’ll have a library of stuff for people to sift through!

I’m looking forward to see what you all come up with this time! If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to ask! Don’t think twice about it, just ask.

Hawaii Has Heisman Hopeful

UH Centennial LogoIn its centennial year, the University of Hawaii has a lot to celebrate. It would be great to be able to add a Heisman win to the celebration! Can Colt Brennan bring it home? Only time will tell. It sure looks good from here. It looks even better close to the playing field!

ESPN is keeping track of his stats for us. They’re taking it seriously and keeping an eye on things. It’s nice to have people take our collegiate football program seriously.

Keeping an eye on things is going to make for a lively season!

Game Schedule UH Athletics Logo

  • September 1, 2007 – Northern Colorado (at home): W 63/6
  • September 8, 2007 – Louisiana Tech (at Louisiana Tech): W (in overtime) 45/44
  • September 15, 2007 – UNLV (at UNLV): W 49/14
  • September 22, 2007 – Charleston Southern (at home): W 66/10
  • September 29, 2007 – Idaho (at Idaho): W 48/20
  • October 6, 2007 – Utah State (at home): W 52/37
  • October 12, 2007 – San Jose State (at San Jose State) ESPN: W (in overtime) 42/35
  • October 27, 2007 – New Mexico State (at home): W 50/13
  • November 10, 2007 – Fresno State (at home): W 37/30
  • November 16, 2007 – Nevada (at Nevada): W 28/26
  • November 26, 2007 – Boise State (at home): W 39/27
  • December 1, 2007 – Washington (at home) ESPN or ESPN2

Good luck to the UH Warriors and here’s wishing them a 12-0 season! Hopefully the ESPN games won’t be pay-per-view!

Dear Governor Lingle, STOP!

You guys have got to be kidding me?!? How long do we let this asininity continue? At what point do we put the brakes on and stop this nonsense?

So, now we’re going to demand a study on an already-existing process that transports life-sustaining water from one end of Molokai to the other? Did I miss the State-wide, governmental brain tumor? Or, is it a virus that has moved from the Department of Transportation over to the Attorney General’s office?!?

Molokai Ranch transports water (drinking water) to the West end of the island, i.e. from one end of Molokai to the other. The Honolulu Star-Bulletin, referring to this as Superferry Fallout, reported today that a contract with Molokai Ranch will not be renewed, and that over one million gallons of water a day should not be transported to the opposite side of the island until an environmental study is completed.

“The ranch is the main provider of drinking water to western Molokai.”

What?  I repeat, “You’ve got to be frickin’ kidding me?!?” Enough is enough! Just get the EIS(‘s) started and let the businesses continue (Superferry included) until the studies are complete. If the studies show problems, then stop the corresponding vessels from running.

Everyone knew before any of this started that we have endangered species in our waterways. The study should have been the first thing to be set in motion before making promises to an incoming line of business! Now Molokai Ranch is to be impacted too? Molokai Ranch has been doing what they’re doing for years. Suddenly they will be made to stop because the Courts have made a decision about an unrelated topic?

The State let all of this go this far; now the State needs to support the businesses that have either spent a huge amount of money based on faulty information (that the State provided), or rendered essential services to residents for a long time. These are businesses that have either had the rug pulled out from under them, or are about to.

It would also be nice to get island residents away from being at each other’s throats! Stop it! Just do it! Nobody else asks before they make decisions for the rest of us.

If I was a business coming to Hawaii to set up shop, you can bet I would come with attorney in tow. Count on it!  Any new business should get it in writing that it won’t be told to shut down after sinking time and money into setting up shop! Come on Governor, draw the line and make it stop!

An Unhappy Clash of the C’s!

PavarottiSome things transcend all borders. Luciano Pavarotti died yesterday after a battle with pancreatic cancer. I hate the “C” word! It has cost us much and now it has taken the King of the High C’s! Luciano was 71 years old. Did he come to Hawaii? Yes, we were fortunate to have him visit and sing for us a couple of times. The media reports this morning are giving him credit for “expanding” or reviving an interest in opera. One can only hope that this vocal art will thrive.

Honolulu and the rest of the world say aloha to a man whose name is synonymous with opera. His name has become a household word and will be representative of his genre for years to come, I’m sure. Few things are more beautiful than a clear, crisp tenor voice! Was he my favorite of the tenors? No, but he had one thing that always amazed me — not only control, but comfort.  When hitting those high notes was a struggle for some and work for others, Pavarotti just did it naturally. He didn’t flinch or strain, he just sang! He is one hard act to follow!

For opera fans, the 1982 comedy, Yes, Giorgio, just became a tear-jerker. Aloha menemene from Homespun Honolulu to the family and friends of Luciano Pavarotti, and to the opera fans across the world!

The Carnival of Aloha Makes Its Debut!

King Kamehameha's statue decked in leis

I didn’t plan to have this go live on Labor Day but it worked out nicely because this debut falls right at the beginning of the Aloha Festivals 2007! It all just fell into place. How perfect is that?!? I love those kinds of accidents!

We need a really cool method of transportation for our Carnival so we will take one of Hawaii’s usual methods of travel. No, not a ferry, we’re going by plane!

B N Sullivan is going to pick us up in a B737 that has the best paint job ever! You guys have got to see this — the Aloha Airlines B737 becomes a flying work of art! The plane is beautiful and even the name of the company fits right in with our Carnival! Now, how Aloha Airlines got Wyland, yes I said Wyland, to put his much-beloved aquatic art on their plane is beyond me. This adds a new twist to the term “flying fish!” When I saw this post come in I was amazed and so excited! I was also very happy that our Carnival’s transportation issues were solved! To be serious for a moment, if you’re an airline, airplane or travel connoisseur, this is a made-for-you blog! There is much to be enjoyed over at the Aircrew Buzz!

Let’s get on our artistic plane and fly over to the Big Island of Hawai’i and visit our artistic friend, Cheryl at Double Brush, as she tells us how to Go on a Big Island Hawaii Kona Coffee Adventure with her post at Hawaii Vacation Gifts. It’s been a long time since I picked a coffee bean from a wild-growing tree in Makaha Valley. There’s not much fruit to be had from those beans — they’re just something to roll around in your mouth for a while and then spit out. I wonder how they ever figured out that grinding those beans would make us coffee? Maybe we should go on the adventure and ask! Good job, Cheryl, I don’t drink coffee as a rule but now I want a cup!

Let’s not let the engines on our plane get too cold. Let’s hop back over to Oahu really quickly to join one of our island visitors! Sophielynette came to visit us while In Pursuit of Rattyness. She says she didn’t find any rats, although she was looking, but she did find a lot of cute mementos and posted about it at the Rat Hunter Diaries. Sophielynette said that it’s, “Not your typical blog, but I thought it would be fun to share.” I agree. Some of her finds are really cute! I love the rat in the hula skirt! I’m sorry that she didn’t get to see the live ones! (That’s a lie.) But I’m glad there were some ratty treasures to be had! You guys don’t believe that she was really looking for live ones, do you? Check out her “staff” and read about their individual histories! Thanks, Sophielynette, I enjoyed the surprises and unexpected giggles!

I’m liking our plane rides so let’s do a little bit of island skipping. Let’s go over to Maui where Sheila tells us the best way to See an Unforgettable Sunrise at the Peak of a Volcano — Haleakala to be specific. In this informational post at, Sheila has this event down in detail to be sure you get the full impact! She says, “I love watching sunrise at Haleakala. It is such a unique experience on Maui that I will never forget. I wrote this article to encourage others to enjoy the experience and get the most out of it.” Haleakala is beautiful to begin with and I can only imagine how exhilarating it would be to be there at sunrise! Add that one to your itinerary!

All of this island hopping is making me hungry! We’re flying back to Oahu to visit with Auntie Lynn, aka Auntie Pupule, as she goes Visiting Michelle @ Her HALE @ The PALI!! Auntie Pupule keeps talking about how, “The pictures show the beauty of the Pali!” Ha! The pictures show the food! Yummy! I told you I was hungry! Auntie is going to make me work for my food though. For our Carnival attendees who are not familiar with some of the Hawaiian terms you see sprinkled in here, Pupule means crazy, nuts or wild. Auntie Pupule is a little nuts, but she’s a whole lot of fun!  Hale means house.  I think you probably figured that one out. Make no mistake about it; the Nuuanu Pali area is beautiful! It’s my home too! Pali is a place but the word has meaning too; the word means cliff, precipice, slope or steep hill.

Don’t eat too much or get too full; we’re getting back on the plane and going back to the Big Island — over to the Kohala Coast! Now that we’ve all enticed you to plan your vacations, Pua is going to provide you with things to think about as she asks the question, “Moving to Hawaii Vacation for Ever?” In this post at Best Hawaii Vacation with Hawaii Vacation Blog, Pua wants to know if you’ve, “Ever wondered about Moving to Hawaii, after you spent one of those unique vacations on the Hawaiian Islands? ‘Moving to Hawaii – Vacation for Ever’ has some suggestions you should read before you pack and move.” Thank you, Pua, for this useful information. It never hurts to be prepared and to know what you’re getting yourself into!

Next up is a once-in-a-Carnival event. Although this is not normally acceptable, I’m going to ask that our plane make a final carnival flight back to Oahu and make a gentle landing at Angie’s blog where she shares her True Aloha when she asks people to “Please help Caleb get better!” How could I refuse when Angie said, “This local boy needs help and I’m trying to get the word out about him. I’d love for this to be included in the Carnival of Aloha!” This is not the way for me to set a good example but I’m afraid I had to allow this. Just this once! The best part of this is that Caleb’s parents are keeping a blog to keep us updated on his progress! Thank you, Brandon and Kehau, for keeping us up to date!

We don’t need a plane to go see the Sea Life at the Park. It’s posted right here at Homespun Honolulu and it might even be something Caleb will enjoy someday… someday very soon! Take a look — the other children seem to get a kick out of it all! Noisy animals can be fun to observe and feed!

That concludes our inaugural issue of the Carnival of Aloha. If all of this has got you thinking about your blog and you would like to join in the fun, go ahead and submit your favorite blog article about Hawaii for the next issue using our carnival submission form.

The next issue is set for go live on October 1st! Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page. There’s not much there yet, but we’ll keep building on it with each issue and make it better over time! We’re just getting started!