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Carnival of Cities Comes to Honolulu

Riding the Carnival of CitiesNEWS BULLETIN!

Homespun Honolulu will have the privilege of hosting the Carnival of Cities next week! We will be receiving the baton from Budget Globetrotting that is currently hosting the Carnival this week.

If you want to invite everyone to take a ride over to your blog, submit a story about your city for next week, or any week, using this form.

You may also visit here to get more information about the Carnival and to read through the guidelines for your submissions. You will also be able to get a feel for this event by visiting some of the past Carnivals that are listed on this site as well.

It doesn’t matter what the topic is, as long as it’s about your town or city we want to share it with the blogosphere! So, come join the Carnival! There’s no ticket purchase required!

Check back here this coming Monday (August 13th) to see who has come to our virtual Carnival to share stories about their city!

Who’s that “Dog” in the Window?

Dog Book DisplayDuane “Dog” Chapman has been cleared of the legal cloud that the Mexican government has had hanging over his head. What an ugly experience. Things are bad enough, but to get thrown into prison lock-up because you apprehended a repeat sexual offender… that’s gotta sting!

I never thought about it but bounty hunting is illegal in Mexico. Duh, that’s why people run there! It seems that the legal system over there has let go of the charges against the Dog since the charges have now exceeded the statute of limitations.

He’s out, he’s clear and he’s damn happy to be so! It had to be hard for a man who is now on the right side of the law, to be back among the accused — even if only for a short time.

To add to the revelry, Chapman’s book, The Dog‘s “You Can Run but You Can’t Hide,” was hot off the press!

Office Window

KHNL, Channel 8 had a good video of the promotion and the fun going on at Barnes and Noble in Kahala Mall last Thursday. (If you get an error message just ignore it, the Windows Media Player will open anyway and play the video.)

Dog Book Display at Borders

Even though Amazon shows the book as not being out until tomorrow (Tuesday), Borders wasted no time getting things up and running for this surprise, early release. The Chapmans were thankful that both the release of the pending litigation and the release of the new book happened at the same time. I think they saw it as a good omen.

Borders decided that the book was more than worthy of a display and the one above is currently appearing at both the Ward and Pearl Ridge locations. I didn’t get out to Kapolei but I’m sure it’s there too!

Congratulations Duane and Beth! Whew! Good Karma? I hope so. I’m sure A&E is breathing easier! I was standing right there next to the display and I didn’t get a copy. What was I thinking? Oh well, any excuse to go back to Borders is always good for me! Store Window Bonds

So anybody that had their eyes on this space on Queen Emma Street is plain out of luck! The Dog’s back at home and that doggy in the window is not for sale… well, maybe for some criminal justice services, for a fee!

Who is John Dominis?

One of Honolulu’s more high-end restaurants has kind of left me on the fence. I like the location, the view is wonderful and the architecture is attractive. Parking, however, is problematic. It does not leave a good impression when you need a handicap stall and are told to either use the valet or drop off and go park about a hundred yards away.

So, I’m going to tip a valet to park in the stall that is right where I am standing and if I want to park my car myself I have to walk the length of a football field? (That’s a rocky, lumpy, not-made-for-heels football field.) This is not customer service. That’s strike one in the parking lot before we even get into the restaurant. I’m sorry, I am a strong believer in tips because I know staff are notoriously underpaid, but I also believe in tipping for a reason, i.e. service provided. There was no service to be had in the parking area! Valet service is supposed to be there to assist, not to hinder.

Road Entrance to John Dominis

Now, we’ve left the parking-lot incident behind us and decided we would go in and try it anyway. Everyone is very nice and there is a warm reception from the hostess at the front door.

Restaurant Entrance

We were seated by an attentive and friendly matradee. The food looked and smelled wonderful. What a colorful variety!

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Computer Geeks Rule!

There was a time when being called a geek was an insult. Suddenly it’s not such a bad thing. If you throw the word computer into the mix you’re no longer a geek, you’re a genius. As technology continues to move faster than most consumers can keep up, we all too often find ourselves stuck and in need of assistance.

So what do you do? Do you drop off your computer at the computer store only to see it in maybe a week or two? Do you call the experts that know their prices better than they know customer service? You can always call Microsoft or Hewlett Packard for phone support — it’ll only cost you about $35 or so.

Computer Geeks Hawaii shop

Or, do you hope to one day find that geek who does on-site computer repairs, who’s in the know about networking, web design, hosting, and maybe even a geek who can help you with a custom PC and/or upgrades? I found one! By accident! This description is just what you’ll find with Adrian Santos at

Computer Geeks Hawaii Internet Cafe

I was stoked! A place that’s close by, easily accessible, clean and inviting with its mini Internet cafe… a place for the computer nerd in all of us!   Sheesh!  You could take your computer in for a problem and then surf the Net while you wait.

Adrian shares this space with two other techie types. One is a cell phone business and the other works with the Clear Wire technology.

Clear Wire DisplayDid I mention training? Computer Geeks Hawaii (.com) does that too. I had my first lesson in Clear Wire. I have heard the phrase “Clear Wire” so many times but I just shrug it off as the latest thingamabob technology to hit the market. Until now. I made a similar comment to Adrian and I got the whole run down on what it’s all about. Sold! I think I need to re-open that laptop discussion with my husband.

Apparently they are familiar with and/or work with Pacific LightNet. Do I know them? Hawaii Online? I’ll say! Only for 12+ years. That’s another story for another time.

Anyway, Adrian had no problem educating me on Clear Wire and responding to all of my, “But how?” questions.

ComputerGeeksHawaii’s website says, “Home of the $60 flat-fee computer repair service.” I’m telling you, there’s gold on Fort Street! Just walk around the corner by Subway and head Ewa on Pauahi. You’ll run right into this little shop that says Gadget Guyz on the door.

Computer help is just a hop, skip and a jump away! Or a phone call.
77 South Pauahi Street
Honolulu, HI 96813
Shop: 808-599-GEEK (4335)
On-Call: 808-349-0013

Don’t you just love the phrase, “On-Call?”  ComputerGeeksHawaii rules!