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Hawaii Superferry Finds Home in Honolulu

Yesterday, Saturday, the Hawaii Superferry finally arrived in Honolulu. It currently sits at Pier 19, just Ewa of Aloha Tower Marketplace. It is huge! I tried to figure out how to give some idea of size but there wasn’t much next to it except for some other boats and a building, all of which are dwarfed by this thing.

Hawaii Super Ferry alongside adjacent building

According to news reports, people on the neighbor islands, and probably Oahu as well, are concerned that people will move in on their space for camping and fishing. I have to admit that the thought did occur to me that various businesses would have more competition from their neighbor-island competitors with the travel from one island to the next being so easy and relatively inexpensive. Contractors and the like can just drive their car onto the ferry, tools and all, and just travel over to another island.

First of two Hawaii Super Ferry vessels

I didn’t realize everyone was that territorial. I have a feeling that after the novelty wears off, these will not be real concerns. Everyone is in the same boat (no pun intended) on this issue anyway. Perhaps the homeless will move islands too.

The Superferry is said to hold 300 cars and 900 people. It will be great for people to travel between the islands and traveling on the water sounds like a nice relaxing way to travel! I like the paint job they did on it.

Full view of the Hawaii Superferry

This is one of two ferries that will be stationed in Honolulu and run between the islands beginning at the end of the summer. My real concern is for the local airlines who stand to take yet another hit from yet another competitor set to erode their client base.

The other concern is that the Superferry itself may find itself in hot water. The humpback whale is listed as an endangered and therefore protected species. Hawaii is one of its breeding grounds. To strike (i.e. run into) one causing injury or death would bring on fines up to $20,000, each. That would certainly make a dent in revenue! It would also anger a lot of people. I guess we just have to ride this out and see how it goes.