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Virginia Tech Incident is Far-Reaching

University of Hawaii logoOfficers from the Honolulu Police Department (HPD) came to the assistance of University of Hawaii security when someone called in a report of seeing an agitated man armed with a firearm on the Manoa campus.

The display had apparently been there for some time before the incident at Virginia Tech, but, until now, nobody paid attention. The HPD officers came to the scene with their guns drawn and detained a look-alike until they were told that it was a video and part of an art display.

The overall reaction to the whole artistic fiasco seemed to be disbelief in HPD’s response. I understand it. People are going to be paranoid about this kind of thing for a while now. You have GOT to see the full story to fully appreciate it!

2007 Spam Jam!

Spam Jam Stuff sign

Waiki Spam Jam LogoWhat are the odds? I just knew I had a touch of clairvoyance! I’m craving Spam and two days later Waikiki has a Spam block party!

Needless to say I had to go because I had to prove that I was telling you guys the truth! Hawaii is Spam nuts! Check out this link and see how they describe it! I love that can of Spam on a surf board! Isn’t he cute?

Spam mascot walking the streets of WaikikiI like this guy even better and he sure was the star of the show where the kids were concerned! He liked to pose for pictures and his escort (the person keeping him from bumping into things) took a picture of us together (in between us trying not to step on anyone) but I thought I would spare you guys that one!

Taking pictures was no easy task either! People were in the way, little ones were trying to get into everything and people were gathered around watching and getting involved with the bands that were playing.

There were two bands playing music and several restaurants with booths. The eateries were selling local favorites including Hawaiian food and, of course, Spam.

Plates of Hawaiian foodCoca-Cola is getting quite a plug from this but, the cans were in the right place at the right time. Besides, nothing goes better with Hawaiian food than a good swig of Coke or Diet Coke. They go nicely together with Teriyaki too! Actually, I think any kind of carbonated beverage will do nicely.

The pictured plates have lomi salmon, lau lau, kalua pig, rice and what looks like a piece of daikon (a form of Japanese radish).

In Hawaii, it doesn’t matter if you are a restaurant serving beef, pork or even fish; chances are, Spam will be on your menu. There are many recipes that are made with it and there are contests all the time!

Yama's Fish Market banner

This is what Kalakaua Avenue looked like.

Crowded Wakiki Street
Stack of cans of SpamDon’t worry, the big, expensive restaurants don’t usually serve Spam. You will not be forced to eat it when you come visit. It’s just a matter of personal preference.

The fancy restaurants wouldn’t be caught dead serving the stuff, but I’ll wager the staff that serves you is in the back eating Spam musubi on their lunch and dinner breaks!

The best part of all this? Now you have to believe me!