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There’s Nothing Like A Woman’s Touch!

Read window of truckWhile I’m not in the habit of pulling people over to the side of the road, weekend before last I couldn’t help myself. You tell me how I’m not to notice an advertisement like this on the rear window of a substantially-sized truck!

Maybe I was just in the right mood, but I called the number! I had to find out if this was for real. Lu answered the phone and I told her that I was following her and was fascinated by the advertisement in her rear window.

I asked her, “Is this for real?”
“Of course I’m for real!” she responded, rather annoyed with my stupid question.

The conversation went on until we got close to a parking lot to pull over.  The parking lot was, uh, kinda crowded. My word for this is squishy, but we’ll just say crowded. Luci and I made the best of it! Her GMC truck is huge!

Auto detailer with her large GMC truck

The poor woman must have thought I was a real nut case. But I just had to show you guys! This is so cool. So I’m crazy, but there’s a little bit more to tell.

This little business was originally called Lu’s Auto Detailing. Most people assumed that Lu was a man.  After she changed the name to “A Woman’s Touch” Luci receives even more phone calls! Is this a trust issue? Are women better at cleaning? Are they more meticulous? Are they more delicate and therefore less likely to damage something? I don’t know.

Lu shared with me that she had already received two other phone calls just before mine that day!  See?!?  I’m not the only crazy one! Besides, that’s the idea! Obviously this lady’s window ad is working just fine! She’s a commercial on wheels!

Well, I personally like cleaning the outside of my car but I HATE doing the interior. For me, that’s what detailing is all about! And man, does my car need it!

Luci's Business Card

Luci is a no nonsense kind of person. She is very pleasant but also very matter of fact and to the point. Just the kind of person you want to make you feel safe when dealing with them and just the kind of person you would trust to have working on your vehicle!

Thank you, Luci, for pulling off the road for me and letting me torture you with my questions and fascination with that darn window!  It’s not every day that you see a woman running a business that has ANYTHING to do with cars.  I just think it’s great. You go girl!

Reunions & Restaurants Make Good Couples!

My husband, Rod, had a close friend, Becky. Becky moved away over 25 years ago. One day, she must have been feeling nostalgic and she set out to track him down. She found him via the Internet, sent him a letter (USPS no less), came home to visit from Michigan and invited us to dinner with her and her sister-in-law, Cheryl!

Rod and Becky talked on the phone about where to go. After these two clowns got beyond 7-11 being too cheap and Zippy’s being too expensive, the location was kind of left in limbo.

Rod’s task then was to find a place for us to eat. He is not a restaurant person but he likes to be comfortable.

Hmmm… a place not too fancy, not too cheap but comfortable with good food. We thought about it a long time and Rod remembered a place we have been to off and on over the years. Monterey Bay Canners! “Oh yeah, good idea!”

Awning at entrance to Monterey Bay Canners

We figured this would be comfortable enough that we wouldn’t have to worry about suits and high heels, but still nice enough to make a nice impression on these two lovely ladies. I’m not a seafood person but, as it turned out, Becky is! Perfect!

Sign just inside the door of Monterey Bay Canners

The one thing I remember about Monterey Bay Canners is that they have some awesome stuffed mushrooms! Mushrooms to die for! I’m not driving so that also means I get to have a margarita! Alright!

We picked Becky and Cheryl up at their hotel in Waikiki. They were staying at the Outrigger Hotel. We talked all the way to the restaurant, of course, and got to know a little bit more about each other. Becky is a kick and kept us fascinated with her memories of things that happened to them all those years ago. Memories that even Rod himself had forgotten. Men! Tsk! Cheryl and I listened to the warm-hearted tales as Rod drove us all to Pearlridge Shopping Center.

Monterey Bay Canners sits just on the edge of this shopping center, across a rather expansive parking lot from Macy’s. The fascinating thing about this area is the watercress farm. The walkway leading to the entryway door of the restaurant hangs right over it! A watercress farm right in the middle of this busy town! It’s a unique location, to say the least.

Watercress farm in Pearl City

When we sat down in the restaurant the conversation just continued. Rod and Becky had a lot of catching up to do!

Rod, Cheryl and Becky talk story

In the photo above, Rod (left), Cheryl and Becky talk story after being seated just before sundown. You’ve gotta love these two ladies — very friendly, down-to-earth and easy to talk to! The comfort level was just there. Hard to explain but, it just was! They were a lot of fun!

While Rod and Becky continued to catch up on things, we ordered food! The stuffed mushrooms, of course! They were delicious as always! Rod and Becky both had lobster and shrimp and they both enjoyed it and were very satisfied. Cheryl ordered the stuffed salmon which was made with the same technique as those wonderful mushrooms. What a meal! I had steak and an absolutely wonderful li hing margarita!

Drinks are served at Monterey Bay Canners

Rod kept teasing Cheryl (left) about how she looked like Shirley Temple. She kind of does look like her… cute smile with a sweet personality to match… yep, that would be like Shirley Temple. Both she and Becky (center) got a little too much sun that morning. They looked like cherubs but I know Becky was feeling a little more like a fire cracker than a cherub! Her quick wit and sense of humor certainly leaned more towards a fire cracker.

Our waitress, Lehua, was very friendly and very attentive — always taking that extra time to be sure we were enjoying our meal. I think we were all so into the food and our conversation that we didn’t notice much about what was going on around us. Obviously I was since I forgot to take pictures of our main dishes. We were all too full for dessert.

Rod and Becky argued about who would pay the bill and Becky ended up paying. It’s Rod’s turn next time, girl! The food was great, the company was wonderful and the night brought two friends together after many years.

Thanks, Monterey Bay Canners, for good food and comfortable ambiance. Thank you, Lehua, for tending to us. Most of all, thank you, Becky, for the company and the wonderful meal!

Becky called Rod the next day and says she will come back to visit every year! We’ll see what place we can terrorize when Becky comes back home next year!

Blogging is Quintessential!

I saw this post about a Top 5 Group Writing Project on ProBlogger. I thought about it and was about to shrug it off as another moment missed for us unworthies. I mean, Darren Rowse is a highly-respected blog expert, people who read his site are experts too. “Top 5 what?!? I’m new to this. What could I do? Forget it.” I kept thinking about it and suddenly a light came on. There are at least five things that this very venue has brought to the surface for me. What are the Top 5 things that blogging has brought to me? What things have been brought to the forefront? Wait a minute, I wanna talk about this!

First of all… the topic. Oh my God, the topic! I am learning new things about Honolulu, something I love, all the time. I’m being educated because I’m sharing. I’m looking and verifying so that I can accurately tell you guys things. I’m in love with my blog and love it a little more each time it brings me new knowledge. There is so much to share. So many things are historically connected! Each topic leads to another of equal or greater value and/or fascination. Then, all of a sudden someone leaves a comment letting you know that they understand your pain or share in your wonder or excitement — what could be better or more rewarding than that? Of course if this continues, I’ll be a Hawaiian historian by the time I’m done!

Secondly, it’s nice to think that I’ve finally found a REAL and meaningful use for my college degree, dammit! English is my first language and it was my major. But, like any other language, you have to use it or you lose it! My writing skills are not what they used to be. My proper sentence structure is as rusty as the structure of an old set of swings left out in the rain! Blogging gives me an opportunity to polish it up and shake the dust off a little. Creative writing was always my favorite. It’s my thoughts, my opinions, what I consider important, and nobody can say that it’s wrong or not acceptable. Society doesn’t rule here. I do! It’s about time!

Camaraderie and community would have to be number three! There are people who have the same thoughts that I do. They think like me. They like what I like. They’re crazy… just like me! This is great! Through these people, I see a little of myself. Some of them are even people I might call friends. I may not know what they look like or where they are, but there is a bond of sorts. The Internet has always been a place to learn and share for me, but, this is different. It’s a whole different world. Bloggers make up a society within the bigger global scheme.

The wealth of knowledge would be the fourth thing on my list. There was a time when people would always say that anything you wanted to know about was on the Internet. Just look it up! Now, for any topic you can think of, there’s someone blogging about it! This is different. In fact blogging was completely foreign to me. I had to quickly learn a whole new vocabulary! Digg? Techno-what? Word Press is a software? I think there’s a little bit of culture shock to be had here.

Finally, there’s the fifth one that other might have put first — the possibility of a second source of income! That’s always a good thing. We all need to make money, right? Okay, so it takes time. I have no income to claim yet, but, the possibility is there. How could a second job (so to speak) be better than this?!? Can I just get a little bit of extra cash? In time.

Quintessential. Cute word. What does it really mean, aside from the play on words? Typical, representative, archetypical — these are all synonyms. Well, it seems to me that talking about stuff, sharing things, learning from others, isn’t that human nature? Isn’t that typical and representative of human behavior? Yep. Blogging IS quintessential! I have decided that it most definitely belongs under the category of Arts and Culture so that’s where I have put this post.

When I saw the post about this project on Problogger, I didn’t know what to think. It didn’t take me long to figure out that I DO have something to say. I DO have something to share. This blogger is four months old and blogging has already impacted her to this extent. Now if I can just get the chains on my old swing set to shine again and stop squeaking, we’ll be in business! Thanks, Darren.

It’s Carnival Time In Cybertown!

Carnival ClownAnother week, another Carnival! Isn’t it great to not have to drive or look for parking when attending the Carnival of Cities?!?

Homespun Honolulu has joined in the fun once again and has very good company. Here is the list in the same order provided by our Carnival Host and DC Traveler, Jon. A blogger from the b5media family of blogs.

This non-American Life is a great title for a blog! Along with this great title, here’s a great tradition from Vienna — Vienna – Kaffee-und-Kuchen. It’s like the tradition of the Mexican siesta but this afternoon rest period comes with food!

A little historic journey through Honolulu’s past can be found at the Hawaii Maritime Center article. By the way, I’m reading that book about the Falls of Clyde. I’ll keep you guys posted!

For the next stop at this week’s Carnival, we move from as far West in America as you can get, to as far East in America as you can get! We move from Honolulu to New York! It sounds like there will be dancing in the streets of New York on May 19th! Visit this blog and you can find out all about the 2007 Dance Parade in New York.

Texas draws us back from the East. Jami’s neighbors live in gingerbread houses! Well, at least it looks like it, in the Monte Vista area of San Antonio. A real fairytale neighborhood!

Ruth, another b5media blogger, says to everyone, “Let’s Visit Asia” and in the process, she shares a post about the new Westin Hotel in China. Fancy!

For this Carnival of Cities we are really into history. I always like to make pit stops at Wicked Winter. Jaz (those are his initials, cool huh?) tells us all about the history and the Circle of the Montague Avenue area in North Charleston, South Carolina.

John at A DC Birding Blog has a really cool blog. What a tremendous amount of information about wild birds! I’m impressed! John is kind enough in this post to let everyone know where to go look as a carnival prize for travelers!

Eric, at What’s Up Arlington, writes about cool event, Artomatic, that has a variety of art to appeal to a wider audience, and, it’s open late! Here’s something to do in the evening besides the overdone dinner and a movie thing.

David at Brisbane is Home, tell us all about Brisbane’s 2007 Jazz Festival. Tons of links, photos and stories to share! David loves to share photos and his Home Turf has a personality all its own!

My impression of Kathryn over at San Fran Voice is that she is somewhat of a risk taker. I, of course, mean that in the most positive way! She has no problem stepping outside that societal box and I commend her for this! At this Carnival, she shares great information about, as our host puts it, Finding Love and More on Craigslist. You go girl! You gotta love San Francisco for being creative and brave… Kathryn is quite at home right where she is! Read her About page too!

Steve at Silicon Valley Real Estate Blog tells us about a taking a Walking Tour of Santana Row. You guys have got to see this cool place and the human-sized chess board! Aside from that, a chance to visit a place where the Internet gurus hang out is always an enticement for me! Ya think there’s any of their “stuff” available through osmosis?

We have another b5media blogger, Mary Jo, at The Seattle Traveler! Mary Jo writes about Chicks in the City. Look at those legs! Look at that chest! Man, these chicks look great, especially if you’re a raccoon! Okay, okay, so it’s about raising chickens for fresh eggs in Seattle, not sex in the city. But, what a looker! Mary Jo put up a great-looking photo!

At The Digerati Life by Silicon Valley Blogger asks, “Should you Quit School Because You’re Brilliant?” Good question. What if you only THINK you’re brilliant? How brave are you? Braver than I!

Carole at The San Diego Beat educates us on the true meaning of Cinco de Mayo and then shows us how San Diego doesn’t care when they celebrate it, as long as they do! Cinco de Mayo, San Diego Style shares a nice pictorial story with this week’s Carnival goers! In fact, now I know that Taco Bell is where I’m going for lunch!

Riversider at Save The Ribble says, “Dammit, no Dams!” We get to read about the banding together of citizens to protect the beauty and functionality of their environment in this post about a Barrage (dam) across the Rabble River in England.

At The Picket Line by David, has done a book review for us on the Underground Economy of the Poor in Chicago. Sounds like interesting reading! There is a link to Amazon where the book is available. Hmmm… one to get you thinking for sure. Chicago may not be the only one.

Last but certainly not least is the post from our Carnival Host! Jon, from The DC Traveler, tells us about this really cool artistic event about making a mini-film based on a single line of text or dialogue. This is to be done in just 48 hours as part of the 48-HourFilm Project in Washington, DC.

It’s another Carnival alright, and man what a Carnival it is! Behave yourselves and have fun! Well… why don’t you just have fun!

Friends, Family, Entertainers & Politicians Say Aloha to Don Ho

It looks like the rest of the evening will be made up of performances and remembrance speeches.

We have heard from very young keiki singing their little hearts out. There have been friends who flew in from the mainland just to be here.

Known entertainers have gotten up and said their farewells and sung a song that they felt Don would have liked them to sing.

For those familiar with the local scene, the following names are just a few of those present to send Don off in style, Hawaiian style:

The Brothers Cazimero, Marlene Sai, Jimmy Borges, Iva Kinimaka, Sam Kapu, former Governor George Ariyoshi, Mayor Mufi Hanneman, Melveen Leed, Willie K, Ed Brown (in from Los Angeles) and others whom I either missed, don’t remember or don’t know. A lot.

Aloha, Don! You will be missed and your memory will never die — not with all this love and with such an extended ohana!

Papa’s Mementos

You can see the lyrics and hear the audio by going here. They played this and “I Will Remember You” at the end of the private memorial service. How anyone could have been without tears at that point is beyond me! Even the mayor, they said, was choked up.

You can purchase this here. Ya gotta love Amazon at times like this!

One of the news casters told us that the chanter said that one of the canoes will probably huli (that’s to flip over) because that was Don’s sense of humor. Sure enough, one of the canoes got caught full of water and sinking!  Don is laughing.

Don Ho Memorial Commentary

I’m assuming that you guys are coming to see if there is information about the farewell services. I have no video but I can write updates as I see them on the live TV channel(s) here.

Hoku and one of her sisters, Don Ho’s daughters, sang at the private service. There was a nice sermon and a military gun salute. Don was a veteran. They played the recording that Don made — I will go find the link and post it in a minute.

The conch shells were blown, there was traditional Hawaiian chant, and people boarded the canoes. They then took his ashes out many others followed. People stood on shore watching. There were a lot of tears during the service, but I can only imagine what emotions were like out there on the ocean!

The last time a traditional Hawaiian memorial service like this was performed was for Duke Kahanamoku.

Memorial Services for Don Ho

Don Ho memorial service schedule

KHON Channel 2, bless their hearts, will be televising the services live during their newscast tomorrow evening.

If you are in the State of Hawaii, you should be able to catch this. I have tried to search for a live webcast for everybody else, but am yet to find one.

I will keep trying and post it as soon as I find anything.

Apologies to KHON for “borrowing” their lovely artwork. Please tune in if you are able!

KGMB Channel 9 banner for Don Ho Memorial Services

In all fairness, KGMB Channel 9 will be doing the same and they will have extended coverage all the way to 10:00 tonight.

Homespun Honolulu’s Newest Category

Purple rosesI fussed about the titles. I liked all of them. But, the winning entry and the most fitting category title ended up to be “Honolulu Rant” which was submitted by Hart. He submitted Honolulu Rant and offered Honolulu Rave as a suggestion for posts that were positive. He also said that perhaps Homespun Rant and Homespun Rave would work as well. While the latter is true, somehow Honolulu fits the bill better. Thank you, Hart for participating and for being so diligent when your first attempt got deleted as spam.

Some of you may know Hart as PetLvr from MyBlogLog. You can get a better idea of who he is there and a picture of the other sites he authors.

Bottle of Bitch WineWhat better way to deal with a bitchy topic than with wine and roses? The wine will be sent to Hart as promised. When it comes to the roses however, what you see here is all you’re gonna get! I’m not shipping those, sorry!

I need to express my gratitude to those who decided to join in.

Thanks you guys for participating! You all deserve wine, roses and even chocolate!

Mahalo to the following people for their participation:

  • Carole Lane of The San Diego Beat offered “Evelyn’s Evil Itch” as her entry. It was difficult not to give the prize to Carole because her entry was the first, she has been wanting this wine for at least two months, and she is a sister blogger whom I like very much!
  • David B. Dale of Very Short Novels entered “Corner of Bitch and Rant” and it would have given me great pleasure to have something coined by this writing genius whose blog has impacted every one of my emotions except for rage! I guess he doesn’t want any of his readers going postal.
  • Corinna Makris, a very-welcome visitor and author of A Celebration of Curves submitted “Huhu from the Lanai” for consideration. Again, an excellent suggestion but not quite in English. Another difficult one to turn down since the name of her blog alone deserves a bottle of wine!
  • Kuanyin, author of Who’s Yo Mama? made a nice suggestion. She suggested the word “pilikia” which means trouble or nuisance in Hawaiian. This would have been a perfect word but I was looking for a title in English. Another hard one to ignore since she is on our sister island of Maui.

May Day is Lei Day in Hawaii!

May Day is Lei Day in Hawaii
Garlands of flowers everywhere
All of the colors in the rainbow
Maidens with blossoms in their hair

Flowers that mean we should be happy
Throwing aside a load of care
Oh, May Day is Lei Day in Hawaii
May Day is happy days out there

Lei making in Waikiki

When I was growing up, May 1st was always the traditional day when there would be flowers and leis everywhere and all of the schools would have their May Day programs where each grade level would perform some kind of hula or other appropriate number. But, in more recent years the trials and tribulations that cause us all to readjust or reinvent our schedules has extended to the public education system as well.

Some schools had their May Day program on April 27th. Others are having it this weekend. One that I plan to attend is having theirs on May 11th and another is having theirs on May 25th! Sheesh! So, in keeping with the times and just because I want to, we will make May our lei blog month! We’ll just spread it out over the whole month to take advantage of this new twist.
More lei making in Waikiki

Throughout the month of May I will talk about different kinds of leis, the meaning and/or significance of them, and I will share photos from some May Day programs for all to enjoy. It should be fun and something different to read about and admire. If nothing else, the sight of pretty flowers and cute children will make you smile when you stop by! Please do stop by!